FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 23.7 Fl Oz, Pack of 12

October 29, 2019 - Comment
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Pack includes 12, 700 mL (23.7 Fl Oz) bottles of FIJI Water. The 700mL Sports Cap size is perfect for hiking, traveling, and everyday hydration. Its soft, smooth taste comes from its extraordinary source — a protected artesian aquifer found deep underground in the remote Fiji Islands. FIJI Water is the choice of discerning top chefs, fine restaurants and hotels around the world.

Product Features

  • PACK SIZE: Pack of 12, 700mL (23.7 Fl Oz) bottles
  • EVERYDAY HYDRATION: Perfect for the gym, fitness classes, hikes and on-the-go
  • NATURAL ELECTROLYTES: There?s electrolyte-enhanced water, and then there?s FIJI Water. As tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock, it gathers electrolytes that give FIJI Water its signature soft, smooth taste
  • NATURAL ARTESIAN: Bottled from a natural artesian aquifer in the remote Fiji Islands
  • SOFT, SMOOTH TASTE: As it filters through ancient rock, water naturally acquires that silica that gives FIJI its signature soft, smooth taste


Anonymous says:

A distinct difference in taste We live in a small mountain town. We do have “city” water, but it’s from a mountain spring. It’s the best water I’ve ever had for city water.I bought these only because the bottles are sturdier. We typically buy a case every 4 or so years and reuse the bottles. I’m hoping these sturdier bottles will last longer.The thing is, this is really better than our mountain spring water. This might sound odd, but I like thinner liquids. Thicker liquids can’t get as cold as I…

Anonymous says:

no sport cap love the water, but wish it was the sport cap as described. Amazon provided me with a credit (twice) but I’d be happy to pay for the correct product. Would be great if Amazon could actually confirm that they have the actual sport cap.

blank Anonymous says:

Possible fake water or spoiled in transit? Ordered Jan 14th 2019 and the bottles look fine, but when I opened and tasted it, there was a plastic smell/ taste & it didn’t have the softness of Fiji water. If you’ve had Fiji water before you’ll know what I mean about the softness. This water tasted like normal tap (less the chlorine smell + the plastic smell). Carefully check your batch of water.

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