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Fire starters for firewood and coal. Gift wrap. Needed to easily light a fire in the fireplace, barbecue, wood-burning stove or grill. Fire starting sticks, 100 pcs. One small fire starter can light a big bonfire, even in the rain. One part of the Fire Starter Squares provides a reliable source of fire for 15 minutes. You can even burn wet wood. Grill Fire Starters – 100% natural ingredients. Chips from pine and food paraffin. Non-toxic. Not harmful to health and the environment. Odorless. Grill Fire Starters is a good gift for a friend who likes to grill, barbecue, sit by the fire or party by the fire. Camp Fire Starter is an indispensable assistant in travel. It’s easy to start a fire with it.Increased fire starter density allows longer burn times. One Kindling Firewood cube is enough to light a fire. Do not allow to crumble during transportation. Due to the increased amount of paraffin, the Lump Charcoal Starter can be exposed to moisture. Waterproof.

Product Features

  • FIRE STARTERS for wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, barbecue grills, firewood, or coal at a picnic.
  • Gift Wrap. BBQ Fire Starter is non-toxic. Made of pine sawdust and food paraffin and is odorless.
  • Camp Fire Starter burns up to 15 minutes. Can ignite wet firewood. Convenient for travel. Waterproof
  • Grill Fire Starters the best gift for a friend. Fire starters are easy to use. Have a campfire party
  • Why are these the best choice? These fire starters burn longer than the others.


Anonymous says:

Let’s the fire started! Legit fire starter, tried it to get my fireplace started and was able to do so with no issues. The pieces are bit smaller then I excepted, but worked fine, so no complaints.

Anonymous says:

Good For that value of money best fire starters,I’m very surprised. Very easy to use and good qualityDefinitely will get some more

Anonymous says:

very easy to use I am impressed that they are made in Ukraine, where is still you can find a really natural, environmentally-friendly goods. These starters do the job. Working just like a match, these starters light your charcoal easilyThey don’t require electricity or sheets of newspaper. these starters get my approval

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