FREEMOVE Cooler Bag & Protective Sleeve for 2L Hydration Water Bladder | Keeps Water Cool & Protects The Bladder | Lightweight & Water Resistant | Fits to All Backpacks | Bladder is NOT Included

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This 2L or 3L protective and insulated soft cooler bag is an ideal choice for your 2 liter or 3 liter camelbak bladder or any other 2 or 3 liter hydro pack. Extremely lightweight, strong, very durable and thick. It will keep your 2 or 3 liter water bladder safely in place and also cool, protected from unwanted damages. This thermally insulated cooler bag – protective sleeve will also protect from the intrusion of the outer heat, thus keeping your water inside the bladder cool and fresh 3x longer. You may also use this portable water storage bag for carrying various bottles, snacks, fruits or other drink packs. It’s also ideal if you have a hydration backpack and you want your hydration bladder securely placed and insulated inside the backpack without any condensation.

A very simple, but unique solution that works in practice like a charm.

Exactly what you need for your hiking, running, biking, kayak trips, marathon, skiing, rave events, concerts, etc.


Choose between 2 variations:


1.) 2 Liter Cooler bag – protective sleeve,

2.) 3 Liter Cooler bag – protective sleeve


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Product Features

  • TOP QUALITY MILITARY STYLE HYDRATION BLADDER INSULATED SLEEVE, exactly what you been looking for if you needed something to keep your 2 liter hydration bladder in place and also cool. It holds 2 literer water bladder perfectly by protecting it against any damage and keeps the water inside the bladder cool for many hours. Perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping, marathon, kayaking, biking, MTB, trekking
  • VERY WELL MADE INSULATED COOLER BAG with camouflage cover, strong, very durable and thick. The outer cover is durable and very abrasion resistant, the straps are securely sewn on. It can be used for more than just a water bladder such as cold drinks, food, snacks, water bottles, water pouch, etc. Wide and strong velcro closure keeps the cold or hot items inside and sealed until you need them
  • THE SPECIALLY DESIGNED OUTLET FOR A BLADDER WATER TUBE prevents intrusion of external temperature and works perfectly in just about any proper hydration backpack pack where your hydration system would go. The wide opening with the velcro closure on the top is ideally suitable for 2 liter bladder or for filling or adding ice
  • Our tactical insulated bladder bag also works great to keep your water from freezing in winter climates when doing outdoor activities which makes it a perfect accessory for skiing or snowboarding. And because of the large strong handle, you can easily carry it anywhere. It really works like a charm!
  • If you need a good equipment to keep your 2 liter water bladder safely in place and also cool then this tactical camel insulated bag is exactly what you’re looking for. Perfect size for a day hike water pack. Order without any risk. Our offer includes 100% Money-Back Guarantee & Replacements LIFETIME GUARANTEE along with our great customer service! It’s your time now, Click the ADD TO CART Button Now!


Anonymous says:

Great Value For The Money! I purchased 4 of these for the family, both 2L and 3L to cover our various sized water bladders inside our hydration packs for a hike in 100° weather. Application of the bag/sleeve around the bladders was super easy, and all fit well inside our packs.Water stayed cold and refreshing which was welcomed and needed! I also love that the package included visual aids showing what other uses these bags/sleeves can be used for. It sparked other thoughts for their use in the future…

Anonymous says:

Looks like what i needed I just received this product and haven’t had a chance to really test it but based on experience it looks like what I needed. I have been using hydration bladders for years and for years I have used camelback bags. It gets really hot here and I do like cold water so in the past I have made my own sleeves from aluminized bubble wrap. To be sure – that really works and it just takes a little patience to get the right fit. I have one in my 3 liter camelback Mule right now. But I wanted to be able…

Anonymous says:

Like a wearable fridge So I have a very thin light hydration pack and putting the bladder directly in it was causing back spasms and warm water. Ew. It also was slouching down something awful. Enter the cooler bag- pouch stands up like a righteous man on Sunday, water was mouth numbingly cold even at mile 9, and I quickly forgot I was even wearing it. The thing is perfect- get one.

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