Future BuyZ Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Water Bottle Glass Plastic Jug Rack Holder Storage Shelf Garage Kitchen Stand Heavy Duty Super Light Versatile Portable Space Saver Only 9.7 LBS Holds 400+ LBS

September 29, 2019 - Comment
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nick rack 2.0

Product Features

  • 💧 THE ONE & ONLY: Future BuyZ presents NICE RACK 2.0, the world’s first portable, super lightweight, strong, dissemble, 100% stainless steel rack for 5 gallon bottle holder. Nice Rack 2.0 only has 5 pieces. 2 main leg stand and 3 tier pieces. Comes in a shiny coated UV black paint finish. Affordable yet the best quality! $17 OFF SALE! From Original Price. Limited Time.
  • 💧 FAST SET UP: Set up in 2 minutes or less! It’s so easy, kids can do it. Other brands force you to read long, boring, and small font user’s manual which can take up to 30 minutes to set up. Complete waste of time! Move the rack to another area with your pinky finger. Just pick it up and move it, it’s only 9.7 pounds. Can other water jug holders say the same?
  • 💧 UNMATCHED QUALITY: Only 100% Stainless Steel. Nice Rack 2.0 is made from the highest grade of stainless steel. No plastic, acrylic, nickel, copper, iron, etc. Firm, will stay in place. Super convenient, and takes up virtually no space! Easily fits under stairs, in small rooms, and virtually anywhere. This water jug stand will last longer than a millennium. How many other brands can confidently said that about their water rack?
  • 💧 PURE INNOVATION: 31″ H x 25″ W x 13″ L. That’s it! Other jug storage stand brands are almost 5 to 6 feet tall. Great way to hurt your back. Our water bottle rack is short so putting 45 pound water jugs on it is a breeze. This water stand can support 40+ times its own weight! Never worry about it bending or breaking, ever! Do your back a favor and your future will thank you!
  • 💧 CUSTOMERS FIRST: ALWAYS! Future BuyZ takes pride in the quality and stands behind all of its products. We will refund you 100% within 90 days (limited time for this product only) or exchange for a new product within a year, FOR ANY REASON. Customers are always #1!


Anonymous says:

One rack hooked end came bent but was able to unbend it somewhat. I put the stand upside down at first.Otherwise GREAT product! I have been looking for a stand for sometime to hold my 6 – 5 gallon water jugs. Until I saw this, I wasn’t satified with anything I saw pictured. They were too big or bulky for the area I wanted the water jugs to be in. I love that you can take it apart and move it if you want to. I put the stand up upside down by mistake but I knew something didn’t look right as the bottom bottles were hitting the floor. There is not directions in the box except for what is posted on Amazon. It is easy to…

Anonymous says:

Great Length:: 1:09 Mins I wanted to do a video review because I really like this item and it’s very convenient .my family owns a retail shop so we have water for the customers and we go through 5 gallon Waters everyday so we need a rack to store the bottles. this rack really save space and how it helps us. it’s very sturdy heavy duty and super lightweight and there’s no set up at all .I am very impressed with the rack and will probably get another one if I had to. thank you…

Anonymous says:

Causes water to leak from factory-filled bottles I purchased 4 new pre-filled Sparkletts 5-gallon water bottles. As soon as I placed the bottles on the rack, the factory-sealed bottle caps developed leaks on all 4 bottles. Initially, I did not know why they leaked since the bottles were in the same lying down position at the store. But then I noticed the metal bars of the rack pushing into the bottle’s side. My guess is the heavy weight of the 5 gallon water bottle is not distributed evenly on the rack. The metal rods of the rack squeeze…

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