Gaia Premium Inflatable Pillow (Grey)

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Gaia ensures you have a great night or day sleep with our premium pillow! This ultralight pillow is smaller than a soda can, making it possible to always bring along on any adventure your heart desires that day.

Stick in your pocket, hiking pack, backpack, in your car, or luggage and carry on for a snooze on the plane or in the airport. Even use it for day time during your lunch break at work! It is always prepared for optimal sleeping! It’s simple. Take the pillow out of the provided bag, inflate with a few breaths, close the valve, aaaaaand… sleep!

Measurements – Packed: 5″x 3″ x 3″; Inflated: 14″ x 10″ x 4″

Nothing is worse than a pillow that doesn’t fit nice and snug against your neck, face, and shoulders. We made that possible with our sleek contoured design!

Did I mention this can be washed in your washing machine at home? Just make sure the bag is deflated. If it is deflated, place the bag aside, close the valve, and throw it in with or without other clothes on cold water. Whatever you are more comfortable with. Nothing is better than sleeping with a clean pillow!

Everyone is welcome! You can be a back, side, or stomach sleeper to use!

This will be an essential gear/ accessory and item for travel you won’t want to give up! As always, we are happy to help if you have concerns or questions about your product. Feel free to contact us and we will make sure you are always taken care of. And look out! We will be coming out with new product shortly! Thank you for ordering with Gaia. Check out our instagram for updates: @gaiaoutfitters

Product Features

  • Convenience with You in Mind- No need to take up all the room in your carry on, backpack, or arms. Now you can bring more clothes and shoes AND this pillow! Size as small as a pair of rolled socks when deflated and in the provided bag. Measurements – Packed: 4.5″x 3″ x 3″; Inflated: 14″ x 9″ x 4″
  • Machine Washable for a Clean Sleep Every Trip- Machine Wash Cold. No bleach or fabric softener. Just deflate the pillow, set the bag aside, and make sure the valve is closed. Feel free to put it in with other clothes or by itself. Lay out to dry preferred.
  • Comfort on the Go- If I had one word to describe this pillow, I would say: Luxury. The jersey blended fabric with down insert, has the ability to wick away moisture in the summer months, and keep you warmer in the winter months. Like to sleep a certain firmness? Inflate/ deflate until reached preferred firmness/softness. The more air the firmer, and vise versa.
  • Flexible Friend- Can be used for car rides, airplanes, airports, camping trips, hiking, backpacking, bushcrafting, lumbar support, or those lunch break naps you need from work.


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