Gerson 9.5-Inch Red Metal 15 LED Hurricane Lantern with Dimmer Switch

June 7, 2017 - Comment
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Vintage style 9.5-inch red metal and glass hurricane lantern. Perfect for your deck or patio! Includes 15 cool white LEDs with dimmer switch. Gerson candles are flame-free, smoke-free and worry-free all while keeping the ambiance of candlelight. Requires 2 D batteries, not included.

Product Features

  • Vintage style 9.5-inch red metal and glass hurricane lantern
  • Vintage style 9.5-inch hurricane lantern
  • Red metal and glass globe
  • Includes 15 cool white LEDs and dimmer switch
  • Perfect for patios & decks


Josue says:

High quality but harsh LED color temperature Looks very nice / high quality for display… But light is harsh LED white instead of a warm LED glow which is really too bad. I’d say it’s right at 6000 Kelvin compared to other LED lights I have to compare it to. Also, light shines in your eyes and doesn’t light up anything too well. However, glass and metal for decorative purposes and having a light for emergencies in an easy to find place (on display on the wall) at this price point warrants 5 stars from me.

Samantha Harding says:

LOVE LOVE use as counter lighting in kitchen I LOVE these, I bought 3 to use as under counter lighting in the kitchen, I have a black and white kitchen with red accents and wanted lighting that was not only useful but looked great too. These led lanterns are better than some of the others as the LEDs are at the bottom not in a tube so they look much nicer. They are a nice candy apple red. And I love that they are metal and glass. WORTH THE PRICE IF NOT MORE!!!!

Benephanie says:

Detailed review of Gerson 9″ Red Metal 15 LED Hurricane Lantern used in a Camper/RV I decided to wait a few weeks before reviewing this product so I could properly detail my experience with it. I am using the lanterns in an outdoor non-mobile 19 foot camper/RV. I ordered 2 of the Gerson 9-inch Red metal 15 LED Hurricane lanterns via Amazon Prime and they were delivered in 2 days as promised. They were shipped in an Amazon box. Inside the box the lanterns were in smaller rectangle boxes. Inside those boxes, the lanterns were shrink wrapped with a netting wrap around the…

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