Go Outfitters Apex Camping Shelter/Hammock Tarp (Coyote Brown)

November 3, 2019 - Comment
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The Apex Camping Shelter is a versatile, high quality weather shelter that will protect you and your gear from rain, wind, sun, and snow! This tarp was designed to work with the GO! Hammock, but it can be used with virtually any camping hammock on the market. It also makes a great all-purpose camping tarp, or shade canopy, even when you’re not using a hammock! Product Details: For maximum durability, the Apex is made from high strength 70d polyester fabric with a waterproof polyurethane coating. The ridgeline is professionally sealed with permanent waterproofing tape. Each of the 20 tie out loops is reinforced to create strong attachment points. Available Colors: Forest Green, Slate Gray, Coyote Brown Overall Dimensions:11′ Ridgeline Length X 9’5″ Width Shape: Elongated Hexagon with Catenary Cuts Tarp Weight: 21 oz. Included Accessories Weight: 8 oz. Material: High Strength 70D Polyester Fabric with Waterproof Polyurethane Coating Ridgeline Seam Waterproofing: Factory Sealed with Permanent Waterproof Tape Tie Out Loops: The Apex has 20 Tie Out Loops for Maximum Versatility.

Product Features

  • Add-on tarp door kit now available on Amazon
  • 20 Tie out loops for unlimited setup modes and excellent weather protection
  • Made of high strength 70d polyester fabric with waterproof polyurethane coating
  • Versatile hammock camping tarp & general purpose camping tarp


Anonymous says:

good trap good size and seems to be well constructed . ridge line might need seam sealed. but overall impressed with it for the price point.

Anonymous says:

Makes a great rainfly! Took this camping with me back in February. Used it as a rainfly for my ENO hammock and bugnet! I loved it! It give so much more room to walk under it when you have to get up in middle of night to used restroom and it comes down to the ground almost it keeps you dry! It is not very intuitive so make sure you walk the videos on how to set it up before taking it out. You can set it up in a few different configurations which is nice! Highly recommend! My buddies I was camping with were impressed…

blank Anonymous says:

Solid, configurable rain fly I have used this tarp multiple times since I got it as one of the first backers.It got a small tear near the middle almost immediately, I’m very careful with my stuff so I am not sure how it happened. Other than that the tarp itself has been fantastic. Very configurable, and I love all the tie-outs. It is also very large, biggest rain fly I have ever used. If you are setting this up for a hammock you need to make sure you have a lot of space around, I have found that in multiple…

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