GrillTrade Quick Charcoal Fire Starter for Grill, BBQ, Camping Fire Pit, Fireplace, Wood Stove, Chimney (24 pieces) All Natural Tumbleweeds Fire Starter

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The Fire Wooly Lighter Starters by GrillTrade is made from mountain pine tree shavings rolled into small charcoal starters dipped into wax. No chemicals are used. The lightning nuggets fire starters can be lit without paper, fuel and have no smoke.

Where are they necessary?

 🔥As firelighters for campfires in the wood or beach

🔥As a BBQ fire starter, weber charcoal starter – makes grilling easier smokeless and your food tastes better

🔥A good lump charcoal starter logs for fireplace, wood stove, oven instead of slow gel fluid or paraffin grill cubes

🔥The best fire starter kit for campfing in mountain as survival tool for extreme quick campfire.


50pcs wood fire starter pack is good value of money. Just 1pc to light fire and maintain a flame up to 12min. Our natural fire starter burn even large charcoal and wet logs. This BBQ fire starters are better than weber starting lighter cubes!


 How to use?

 Take necessary quantity of pellet. Burn firestarter with a match or lighter. Place your logs and enjoy fire. 

🔥Use 1pc of starter with dry logs

🔥Use 2pcs with small charcoal and small wet logs

🔥Use 3pcs with large charcoal and wet logs.

Our wood starter for fire create easy bonfire. BBQ or any cooking, indoor fireplace, camping vacation, bushcraft, single matchstick and firewood nugget help you anywhere.

100% natural wood without unpleasant smell and smoke. Enjoy your food without coal flavor! it’s absolutely eco-friendly.

It’s perfect fatwood fire starters for fire pit, woodstoves, fireplace, smoker or stove.

Firestarters lighting nuggets have burning time of 10-13 min and create instant steady light without striking a blow.

Outdoor and indoor you light fire easy, fast and safe!

Product Features

  • This camp fire starter bbq is natural, non toxic, odorless, waterproof.
  • Charcoal grill starter easy light a fire for your grill such as Weber, Kamado Joe or Big green egg.
  • Best frontier tumbleweeds firestarters for campfires, wood stoves, fireplace, fire pit, chimney
  • The tumbleweeds fire starter easier to use than wax fire starter squares cubes or gel fire starter
  • Fire starters camping pack is instafire fire starter at any weather! It’s best quick fire starter!


Anonymous says:

Easy to use – works great I use this to light charcoal for my barbecue – They work great and easy to use.

Anonymous says:

Great for grill, chimney, smoker, camping, s’mores, yum. So handy for the grill. And the chimney. And the smoker. And for camping. Thanks for the super quick shipping.

blank Anonymous says:

Works like a charm Great way to get coals going for a bbq. I used this with the bbq dragon chimney and get white hot coals in 5-10 minutes depending on wind. Using a fan gets them on in 5. Once these woolly mammoths are lit, they stay on until they burn out. Great product 5 stars.

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