Heavy-weight 300Pk Disposable Sporks BPA-Free – MARIGOLD Recyclable cutlery, Eco-Friendly and Kid-Safe Utensils, Great for School Lunch, Picnics or Restaurant and Party Supply Spoons and Forks

February 6, 2020 - Comment
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Give Your Guests the Best with Sturdy, BPA-Free Disposable Sporks! Our utensils are durably built, BPA-free and recyclable for environmentally-friendly folks. Forget doubling up on forks and spoons with these multipurpose sporks: scoop yogurt and stab fruit, slurp soup and cut chicken, and eat anything with ease. Great for school lunch, work events or camping cookouts. Quality Polymer Keeps Guests and the Earth Safe! Our sporks are BPA-free to keep kids and families healthy, and made of recyclable polypropylene plastic for eco-friendly eating. Strong Build to Last All Party Long. Unlike cheap, flimsy forks and spoons that bend or break under pressure, our pro-grade sporks will stand the test of time through every course. Serve meat and vegetables or fruit and ice cream with the same utensil, and feel confident that your cutlery will get the job done. Disposable Utensils Eliminate Cleanup. Especially at large catering events or to-go cafes, washing hundreds of utensils can add time, money and hassle. With these easy disposable sporks, cleaning up is a breeze. Plus, they’re not individually wrapped to reduce unnecessary waste and space and add a clean, professional look to your table settings. Our Bulk Packs Save You Money. We connect customers directly with wholesale products at wholesale prices. Whether you’re a mom packing lunchboxes or a caterer cooking for a church fundraiser or festival, we’ve got you covered with the best flatware at the best price. What’s in the Box? You will receive 50 white, disposable plastic sporks. Lifetime 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee! If you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, simply reach out to us through the Amazon messaging service and we will respond within 24 hours to make it right even on the weekends. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

Product Features

  • HEAVYWEIGHT PREMIUM MATERIAL — Unlike cheap, flimsy forks and spoons, our disposable sporks are made from BPA-free recyclable material to keep your family healthy.
  • DURABLE BUILD TO LAST ALL PARTY LONG — MARIGOLD heavyweight sporks are break-resistant and strong enough to last through your entire event or party, from soft or lightweight foods to firmer foods.
  • ECONOMICAL 2-in-1 DESIGN — Disposable plastic sporks combine the convenience of both a fork and a spoon. An economical and practical solution to cutlery for groups and outdoor events.
  • DISPOSABLE UTENSILS FOR EASY CLEANUP — Stressed out after the party? set yourself free with our disposable, recyclable sporks for guilt-free, eco-friendly cleanup.
  • BUY IN BULK TO SAVE MONEY — Whether you’re a mom packing lunchboxes or a caterer cooking for a church fundraiser or festival, our 300 PK package could help get the most bang for your buck !


Anonymous says:

Works fine Good disposable set worth the price. I love the idea of a 2-in-1 spoon/fork ware to limit the amount of tableware that’s needed especially ion those very busy and on-the-go days and events. This spork is just like a regular disposable spoon, but maybe just a bit lighter to the feel and use. The first one I used cracked down the handle just before I could finish my meal with it. Again, it’s disposable so it didn’t bother me so much but I think it’s only fair to note that it’s really a little…

Anonymous says:

Great for lunches! One of the biggest problems with packing people lunches, especially for the kids but for the boyfriend as well, is that when I send an item that requires a dining utensil I don’t like to send my good silverware. We all know that if you take the chance of sending forks and spoons in a lunch you risk the chance of them never returning! These disposable sporks are a perfect solution for this problem! This comes with 300 pack of sporks which will last a whole year of packing my daughter lunches…

Anonymous says:

Fork you!! Length:: 0:46 Mins These are your standard fare heavy duty utensil plastic sporks but I wouldn’t call them heavy duty for sure. I got a good price for these which I normally would have never paid the retail price. They bend with no effort at all and are pretty small. The tines are very small and so is the handle. I was eating my fruit and it was a struggle trying to grasp it with the tines. Overall, you’ll definitely get better but my pricing was good. These are good…

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