Hiker Era Camping Sleeping Pad 2.7” Thick Inflatable Sleeping Pad with Attached Pillow, Lightweight Sleeping Mat for Hiking, Backpacking & Travel, Carry Bag with Repair Kit Included (Orange)

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Enjoy Your Wonderful Camping Trip with Our Camping Sleeping Pad!

Are you tired from daily work and want some time to relax? A great way is to go hiking/camping with friends or family to enjoy yourself. Our pad can ensure your loved ones take pleasure in the unmatched comfort every night and turn your trip into a unique experience!

✿No Air Leak Issue

No more waking up with the uncertainty of being on solid ground or having to get up at night to blow up the camping pad because of a weak valve. It does an impressive job at offering you a cozy sleep. The diameter of the 40D fabric is 1.5 times larger than 20D nylon’s, so in summary, our fabric is stronger than competitors.

✿Terrific for All Terrain Types

This is definitely NOT the cheaper, heavier, lower grade polyester fabric. This means that neither twigs nor rocks will puncture your new sleeping mat. It also works perfectly with hammocks, chairs, in/under sleeping bags, in a tent, or on any hard surfaces for great comfort. The sleeping pad makes sure to aid you in a good night sleep!

✿Comfortable Rest for Side or Back Sleepers

The pad is designed with the perfect width and thickness. It also has an attached pillow that can be filled with air to your comfort level and support a sounder sleep. Not only can you adjust it to your comfort level, but it cuts down on having to take an additional bulky pillow to carry with you.

✿Appropriate for Cold Weather Camping with R-value 2.8

Our sleeping pad is perfect for a weekend out with friends or just for an overnight at a family gathering. It is super portable which makes it easy to take one with you wherever you go for superior comfort.



Weight: 20 Oz (600g)

Inflated Dimension: 74.8″*23.6″*2.7″

Packed Size: 9″*3.9″

Max Support Capacity: 200kg/440lbs

Material: 40D Nylon + TPU layer


Product Features

  • 【2.7″ Thick Sleep Support】Honeycomb air cells provides extra comfort with a spacious inflating size of 74.8″*23.6″*2.7″ (Weight limit: 440 lbs). Great for any sleeping position. NO MORE back-pain or annoying discomfort from rocky surfaces or bumps underneath. A good choice for overnight trips. Sleeping outdoors is fun, and our sleeping mat will add to a more pleasurable rest.
  • 【Anchoring Copper Grommet Design & R-value of 2.8】Do your old sleeping mats easily get blown away on windy days? You don’t have to worry anymore. Pick your favorite spot under the stars, place pegs (NOT INCLUDED) on the ground, tie 4 strings, and you are all set. Make sure your sleeping mat is safe and no one takes your perfect spot away from you. It also has a R-value of 2.8, to keep you warm during cool nights. A must-have accessory for your outdoor adventures!
  • 【Easy to Inflate & Deflate】It only takes about 10 to 15 breaths to inflate this sleeping mat (No pump required). Quick and easy set up and no extra items are needed to inflate. When your adventure is done, simply open the valve to deflate when the sleeping pad is not needed. There is one valve for attached pillow and another one for the body of the pad. With a packing size 9″*3.9″, it can be held easily in a carry bag (included). Very convenient to carry.
  • 【Comfortable & Durable Sleeping Pad】The lightweight sleeping mat uses 40D waterproof Nylon and TPU Layer. This makes it sturdier than 20D Nylon without compromising the comfort. The materials are thick, so no need to worry about leaks and abrasions. No more crinkly or squeaky noise.
  • 【Hassle-Free Purchase】If you are not pleased with the camping sleeping pad, feel free to contact us. We will offer a 12 months warranty by refund or replacement. No questions asked!


Anonymous says:

Both convenient and comfortable I was surprised how light and small the pad is when folded. It is the size and weight of a sofa can. Now it’s a lot easier for us to go camping, before we had to bring a pump with us. It’s just take some blows and the pad is inflated. Excellent design and durable. The designer must be a camping lover! We enjoyed using this as well.

Anonymous says:

This is going to be a big hit! I love, love love this sleeping mat! It is going to be fantastic at our next campout! First of all, it takes very little space so it’s great to fit into or hang off of your backpack if you’re going that route. Second, it inflates with minimal effort and doesn’t require an electric or hand pump – only your own breath! And even blowing it up with your breath is not difficult at all. Just blow it up to the max, plop the plug in, and you’re all set to put down your sleeping bag. No more…

Anonymous says:

First Impression: WOW! [More To Come] This comes in a sack about the size of 12 Oz of coffee bag. Don’t let the light weight fool you!It unfolds and (as advertised) inflates easily by blowing in to it. There are a series of “cells” in a pattern that minimize the amount of air needed to inflate it and the attached pillow.While a little narrow for a big guy like me, it is plenty long and I can stretch out.After reading about the benefits of NOT sleeping on big soft mattresses, I sleep more…

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