Hiking Stick Terra Hiker Adjustable Trekking Pole, Collapsible Lightweight Hiking Pole with Lever Lock & Carry Sack for Camping, Hiking, 1-Piece

June 9, 2017 - Comment
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Product Description
The Terra Hiker trekking pole is designed to reduce impact on knees and hip joints while you are hiking on rough terrains. It is perfect for traveling hikers, mountaineers and trekkers who prefer a lightweight and compact design.

How to assemble Terra Hiker hiking stick
1. Unfold the trekking pole, keep each section well connected
2. Pull down the section with printed arrow, until the metal buttons pop up and lock well
3. Lift up the locking lever and adjust the pole to your desired length
4. Adjust the bolt tightness with the screw
5. Push down the locking lever and make sure it doesn’t pop up

Added Convenience
The tungsten steel pole tip boasts extraordinary hardness, strong abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Its diamond-cutting surface offers a firm and anti-slip hold on different terrains. The detachable mud basket prevents your pole from sinking into soft grounds such as snow-capped mountains, desert sands, or forests.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Terra Hiker Trekking Poles!
1.Reduce the impact on your legs, knees, ankles and feet.
2.Enhance your balance and stability to prevent injury.
3.Establish and maintain a consistent rhythm, which can increase your speed.
4.Evenly build up your muscles and protect your waist and spine.
5.Reduce 40% of physical consumption.

Material: Aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy
Length when folded: 13.77 in / 35 cm
Adjustable length: 40.95 in – 48.75 in (105 cm-125 cm)
Handle: Foam
Hand strap: Durable and comfortable fabric
Locking system: FLS locking mechanism
Pole tip: Tungsten steel
Net weight: 0.61 lbs/280 g per stick

Package Contents:
1 x Trekking pole
Or 2 x Trekking pole
Note: Never extend the pole beyond the “STOP” mark when adjusting the length.

Product Features

  • NEWLY UPDATED MODEL: Terra Hiker trekking poles help you improve balance on uneven ground and save energy going up and down steep trails. It can reduce impact force by up to 40% on your knees
  • ULTRA-LIGHT & STRONG: Consider you are lifting your arm up thousands of times per day, potentially 10,000 or more times on a multi-day trip, these super lightweight trekking poles can really help. It only weighs 0.61 lbs (280 g) per stick; boasts excellent impact resistance and durability
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: The walking stick extends from 41 in to 49 in; easily preset the length to match your height; measures 13.77 in (35 cm) in length when folded; they are easier to travel with, packing more easily into a suitcase or carry sack
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Foam handles, besides keeping your hands cooler, they can absorb water and snow can stick to them making them even less ideal for cold weather actives. And adjustable wrist strap is comfortable to hold and provides extra stability
  • EXTERNAL LEVER LOCK: Easy to adjust and lock for a fast and secure adjustment; offers excellent resistance under all weather conditions


Bill O. says:

Very strong and lightweight walking stick I purchased this walking stick to keep it in my vehicle for when I need it I have it and before continuing I would like to say, I’m very particular on quality on everything I purchase and I can truthfully say that this review is my honest opinion. After unpacking and taking a good look over I find this to be in excellent quality and workmanship. The links are held together with a heavy duty coated cable and the joints fit nice and tight with no wobble. This stick is very lightweight weighing in…

OD says:

Lightweight hiking/ trekking poles Length:: 0:55 MinsĀ 

AwesomeEnialal says:

Perfect for hiking! Affordable and durable! We’re gonna be hiking in April so I decide to get another pair of trekking pole. These Terra Hiker is not so expensive so I choice this based from the reviews I’ve read, I figured I’d give it a try. The length when folded is 14 3/8″, it has a velcro to keep it tidy and it’s light weight (9.7 oz), enough weight for me to carry/use when hiking for the day but for long hike/camp you might want something lighter so that your backpack can have more weight for food, tent etc. These hiking pole…

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