Hilitchi Multi Angle Miter Shear Cutter Cuts 45 to 135 Degrees Quarter Round Cutting Tool for Multi Purpose Trunking Shears for Wire Troughs, Plastics, Soft-cut Corners

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Hilitchi Multi Angle Miter Shear Cutter Cuts 45 to 135 Degrees Quarter Round Cutting Tool for Multi Purpose Trunking Shears for Wire Troughs, Plastics, Soft-cut Corners 
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver + Orange
Collapsible: No
Ordinary type: multi-purpose scissors

Package Contents :
1pc multi-angle scissors
1pc screwdriver
10pcs SK5 spare blades

The measurement error is +/- 1-3cm.

Product Features

  • ✅【PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL】Stainless steel Quenching treatment, Higher impact toughness and wear resistance with 10pcs SK5 spare blades.
  • ✅【GOOD PERFORMANCE】45 Degree To 135 Degree, nice and clean cut, with no burrs. Big open mouth design and with clear marking to adjust to the angle you want, for easy and accurate operation. It saves you a lot of trouble to measure the angle you’re trying to cut. Adjustable, convenient, fast and efficient.
  • ✅【WIDELY USED】 For cutting PVC, piping, wood, vinyl, trim, base, wires, shoe molding, trunking or other similar materials, household decoration, making picture frames, daily tasks work activities or even DIY projects. They’re also known as shear scissors, chamfer, trim, and quarter round cutters.
  • ✅【DUAL USE SCREWDRIVER】Made of magnetic steel, detachable magnetic release screwdriver with philips& flat blade screwdriver, press to detach and exchange to philips or flat blade, easy to use. Once inserted into the sided slot, it ensures a firm hold for the metal rod for the magnet effect.
  • ✅【QUALITY AFTER-SALE SERVICE】If you do not satisfy with our products or if you have any questions, please come to us. We would work out satisfactory solution to all your problems. 12 hours quick response. FREE REPLACEMENT or REFUND within 90days.


Anonymous says:

As Described – Good build quality with extras I’m cutting flexible tubing so the large surface base area lets me lay it out straighter to get a more accurate cut. There’s a recessed notch under where the blade closes so it cuts all the way through the bottom. This gives me a straighter and complete cut that I couldn’t do easily with shears or scissors. Other negative reviews on these types of tools seem to be from attempts at cutting unrealistic materials and thicknesses. This is not a saw nor is it magic. It’s a specialized tool that’s…

Anonymous says:

Works great properly cared for. The use of replaceable blades makes this a winner. However, attention must be paid to alignment with the groove in the anvil, and the sharpness and freedom from nicks of the blade. When all is well, it works a champ. I use it for cutting 3/8 wide bamboo strips for framing small projects. An edge over my tiny miter saw is that this tool generates no sawdust and is quick while cutting cleanly.

blank Anonymous says:

Weak, cheap, and not accurate. Would not recommend. I bought these with expectations that it would help me cut LED strip light channel lenses.. well, it does – but BARELY. First of all, the ergonomics are incorrect, it doesn’t cut like a pair of scissors, instead it drops the blade down square on the light lens, so you have to put out big time in order for it to cut. It is more like breaking the light lense clean, instead of actually cutting it smooth. The angle fence is cheap and cheesy. I wouldn’t recommend these to anybody. I threw them…

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