Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler Insulated Soft Sided Cooler with Hard Liner and Heavy Duty Waterproof TPU Material for Taking Lunch, Camping, Sea Fishing, Daily Trip to Beach, Family Picnic, etc.

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Homitt tote cooler bag, which is made of high quality and functional integrity make your life easy and convenient on day trips or even vacation!

Extreme Ice Retention
Thanks to the high quality 3 layer insulation, this cooler keeps your food & drinks colder longer up to 5 days.

Fine Workmanship and Design Details
Unlike those hard coolers, Homitt distinctive oval shape prevent you being scratched from sharp corners. Features plenty of extra storage space, D-buckle can be used to hang key, ribbon, shoulder strap and other small items. Front zippered pocket, back mesh pockets can hold napkins, cutlery, cell phone, etc.

One that Can Take on a Variety of Guises
Homitt camping cooler is perfect at keeping your food and beverages cold and great for camping, picnic, sporting, ice and medicine storage and so much more.

Inner Material: 420D TPU
Outer Layer: 840D TPU
1.For best results, pre-chill the cooler with ice the night before use. Block ice is preferred as it melts at a slower rate than standard ice cubes.
2.Don’t put sharp things in, since it may damage the interior.
3.After each use, wash the interiors with soap and water, wipe it dry, it should get rid of the odor.
4.Tests are done at normal condition, results will vary according to the ambient temperature, the volume, and the starting temperature of the contents.
5.Not collapsible.
6.Re-wipe with a soap ,lubricant or candle on the zipper, If the zipper gets stuck.

Product Features

  • Advanced Insulation and Tight Seal Creates Superior Cooling: High quality 3 layer insulation with leak-proof insulated 840D TPU exterior and 420D TPU interior and high density foam between layers – KEEPS ICE UP TO 5 DAYS WHEN COOLER IS KEPT IN 72 ℉.
  • Useful Size and Easy to Store: Fit 30 CANS, exterior size: 18.1″L*13.5″H*10.2″W, interior size: 16.1″L * 9.8″H * 8.6″W. A suitable size which means you could place the cooler bag in the trunk of the car.
  • Two Ways to Carry: Equipment with a padded detachable shoulder straps and two sides handle straps. You could pick up the Homitt soft cooler with the padded shoulder straps for light loads or grab the side handles for heavier ones.
  • No Sweat Exterior and Anti-Microbial Liner: The exterior is tough, and water resistant, the outside stays dry. The interior features an antimicrobial liner that resists mold and mildew. Clean the interior after every use and it’s ready for next trip.
  • Food Grade TPU Material: With TPU coating inside and outside, non-toxic, BPA free, you can use it reassurance. Reliable quality ,competitive prices & professional after sale service, buy one and last a lifetime.


Sid Scheck says:

Very Nice Cooler Length:: 8:35 Mins 

Levi80 says:

Really tough cooler! Length:: 3:58 Mins 

blank Here for you says:

Best cooler I have ever purchased! Easy to use and keeps food cold for a very long time!! Length:: 3:07 Mins 

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