How to Camp in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Finding, Outfitting, and Enjoying Your Adventure in the Great Outdoors

September 8, 2019 - Comment
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Perfect for everyone from novices to boondockers, How to Camp in the Woods compiles contemporary and classic wisdom, practical tips, and illustrated DIY advice on every aspect of equipping, packing, setting up camp, cooking, and improvising no matter where you are in the great outdoors.
If you want to immerse yourself or your family in the natural world but still be warm, dry, and comfortable, How to Camp In the Woods is for you. How to Camp in the Woods will teach readers: Camping and survival basics including fire building, essential knots, site finding, wilderness first aid/CPR, map/compass reading, and camping off the grid. Essential gear, packing light, recommendations for DIY if you’ve left something behind, and how to keep everything relatively clean. Guides to camping comfortably in all seasons and weather, as well as tips and etiquette for camping around the world, including with pets and kids. Tips for enhancing the experience, including recipes for easy and inexpensive meals from 25 base ingredients, stargazing essentials, fireside games and songs, bird-watching, and the perfect campfire reading list.


Anonymous says:

Great camping book for novices or experienced campers-GREAT GIFT IDEA This book is really great, even if you are a novice at camping. It discusses the different types of tents and sleeping bags. It talks about rainwear and backpacks. It tells you how you can save a trip with duct tape. The author talks about how to cook a hotdog or marshmallow perfectly over a campfire. It has a large table of contents, so everything is easy to find. I love this easy-to-use book. It would make a great gift for young adventurous people.

Anonymous says:

👍 Thanks!!!

Anonymous says:

Basic, up to date, camping information and etiquette I liked the fact that this book is current and up to date with its information, advice and ideas. I also appreciated the author stressing camping etiquette (some newbies out there just don’t know!). I thought the lists about camping equipment were helpful. If you have never been camping or not attended any “how to” classes, you will find most of what you need to know.

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