Idefair Hydration Bladder, Bladder for Hydration Pack 1.5L Water Bladder Leak-Proof Portable Water Bladders for Backpack Hiking Camping Running Cycling Biking

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Product Features

  • 【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】Hydration bladder is made of high-quality PE + EVA material, equipped with TPU drinking water hose, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and no peculiar smell. It is an ideal water replenishment equipment for you to keep moisture when living outdoors
  • 【WIDE MOUTH DESIGN】The wide mouth design at the top is easy to add water, ice, various sports drinks, hand or brush can easily touch the inside of the hydration water bladder for cleaning
  • 【100% LEAKPROOF DEVICE】 The bite is equipped with OFF/ON valve to control whether the water is coming out, just bite the nozzle pipe to suck the water, through the bite force to control the size of the water flow, the switch valve and portable double seal clamp perfect design to ensure that water reservoir has a good sealing performance
  • 【EASY TO USE】The mouthpiece is equipped with a dust cover to prevent dust from entering. Remove the dust cover, open the switch valve, and gently bite the mouthpiece with your teeth to drink water
  • 【THE PORTABLE SIZE】Hydration water bladder has 1.5L(7.1*13.7in), 2L(7.1*14.5in), 3L(7.8*16.5in), which can be compatible with most backpacks. It is ideal equipment for running, walking, hiking, mountain climbing, traveling and other outdoor activities


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