IMPHOM Survival Bracelet Paracord Military Buckle Tool Adjustable Rope Accessories Kit, Fire Starter, Knife, Compass, LED Light,Whistle,for Fishing Hiking Travel Camp(2pcs) Reflective Black+Orange

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The green and black adjustable survival bracelet paracord tool with fire starter, compass, whistle and knife for women and men, youths.
The 2 pack bracelet in water Supplies army lock,and it Adjusts to fit smaller wrists as well as accommodate larger hands.

SURVIVA BRACELET ‘S APPLICATION: 1Fire starter works well- sufficient to start a campfire with petroleum by saturated cotton balls or dry tinder.
2 Useful in all kinds of situations in the wild.
3Washing line to dry your gear by the fire.
4 Substitute for broken shoe laces.
5Make a shelter. Fishing line. Snare trap.
6Make a tourniquet to reduce blood lost.
Mark your path to avoid getting lost.
7 Sewing material.? Secure a splint.
LED SOS Result of:1 In bright mode:72 hours of continuous power supply.
2 Flash light mode: 72 hours of continuous power supply.
3 SOS model:72 hours of continuous power supply
1 Led long off mode
2 Led flashlight mode: Pressing one can be shifted to this mode,regarded as little flashlight
3 Led flashing mode:In bright mode,pressing one, can be shifted to flashing mode
4 SOS mode:In flashing mode,pressing one,can be shifted to SOS mode.HOW TO USE MAGNESIUM ROD:
1 Please scratch the protective paint of magnesium bar.
2 Putting combustibles under flint bar in an dry place,using blade to scratch a little magnesium on combustible
3 Please holding both sides of bracelet,using the blade rapidly,repeatedly,forciby until spark appear.
4Finishing making fire.LED light: press, long light;Press another, flash;Long press for three seconds to switch SOS mode;LED lamp battery life: 72H

Product features:
1.250 DB umbrella rope 2. Plug buckle 3.
IMPHOM DREAM MISSION : By the professional angle and attitude, Discovering the interesting thing to every one. meanwhile, Finding more beautiful goods to creative better life for your family and your friend.

Product Features

  • FIT ANY SIZE – Very easy to adjust any wrist size, fit to all women, men, and can avoid some question on the size the survival bracelet.
  • 2MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TOOL – Flint fire starter, high-quality compass, loud whistle, an emergency knife and 12 feet of military-grade 550 paracord.(perfect match)
  • GOOD TO TRAVEL AND HIKING – A whistle that can be heard from a long distance to call partner, a scraper that can also be used as a knife. By the fire starter, lighting a fire for cooking and warming yourself. it is a benefit to any camping, fishing, and hunting trip.
  • GIVE MORE ASSISTANCE: By the 12 FEET OF PARACORD in any situation, you need an extremely strong rope or cordage for better hiking.The good compass can give your correct direction.
  • A ROPE MAY BE YOUR LIFE: Like a rope used for ships, And in emergencies, it can stop bleeding, make traps, pack temporary tents, wear equipment, prevent loss and so on. Sometimes a rope may be one of your lives


Anonymous says:

Useful outdoor products Plan to do some hiking and camping this year. Friends recommend this one and I bought it. It comes with two packs. It’s multi-functional and well made. It has compass, sos led flash light, whistle, fire starter and a few other cool tools. Look forward to try it out on my next trip

Anonymous says:

Fun tool for camping and hiking in nature! This survival bracelet is so cool with multiple function included. It looks very well made, the strings are tough and pretty color.I don’t know how much you can completely rely on this when there is anreal survival challenge, I don’t have that knowledge. But this should be a very fun tool for camping and long hiking. Only issue is it’s too big for my wrist, but I can buckle it on the backpack or on my belt.

Anonymous says:

Girls – it runs large Overall, i think for the price, this is a 5 star item. They’re really sturdy, the compass is nice and sensitive, the LED is really bright, the whistle is really (REALLY) loud. It delivers everything is promises really well. And bonus, the little exacto knife edge inside of the clip. Things like this are the reasons Romans shook wrists instead of hands. That thing is not only badass, it’s really, REALLY useful.If i were to make suggestions for the next round of these products, maybe…

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