In The Swim 8 Foot Double Water Tubes Winter Pool Cover Weights – Blue – 6 Pack

November 2, 2019 - Comment
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These double chamber water tubes are better able to stay securely in place and won’t roll like single-chamber alternatives. An added benefit is that if one side becomes punctured, there is still enough weight from the other chamber to hold your cover down. These vinyl water tubes are up to 35% heavier than other versions on the market and yield significantly more strength and puncture-resistance. Each double chamber water tube features a no-leak valve and is easy to fill using a standard garden hose. Sold in a 6 pack, each tube is 8 feet long and features dual water chambers.

Product Features

  • 6 pack of 8 foot dual chamber water tubes
  • 35% heavier than other versions on the market
  • Features no-leak valves that makes it easy to fill with a garden hose
  • Do not fill more than half-way to allow for freeze expansion
  • Greater strength and puncture-resistance


Anonymous says:

Adequate These work fine for what they are intended to do. I read some reviews that the plugs were difficult to close, I did not have that problem. They are not as thick as my older ones but they are much less expensive. I don’t expect them to last more than a season or maybe 2, but for the price I guess that’s fair. I used all but one and the ones I used were ok no holes, no problems. The only reason I’m not giving this 4 stars is because I don’t think they are very durable. If I’m wrong these are a…

Anonymous says:

Works well, sturdy, seals shut unquestionably I had no duds in the pack, and they withstood me pulling them along my decking. Never once did the nozzles break the seal. Will update after the winter to see how many duds happen, if any. Don’t fill all the way.

blank Anonymous says:

Good item, but do your prep work first to avoid failure. Any good tradesman will tell you “Do Your Prep Work”. My grandfather always taught me “Measure twice…cut once”. That saying is true for carpentry and also for winterizing your pool…IMHO.Here is what I have learned after surviving a winter using these Water Weights:1: Stretch them out (while empty..duh) in the sunlight for an hour or more before filling them (helps get the shipping wrinkles out and let them stretch…I bet you feel better after…

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