JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket,Gray/Green, 5′ x 5′

May 25, 2017 - Comment
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The Blanket is great for the whole family at any occasion. Lay it out at the park, the beach, and even sporting events. Its durable outer fabric is ideal for any surface, and the inner lining quickly wipes clean. The blanket measures 5 ft x 5 ft when opened and is made with water-resistant material that’s perfect for any outing. The blanket is stylish and compact when folded and features a detachable strap and sturdy sewn-in insert to make folding easy.

Product Features

  • 5 ft x 5 ft when opened
  • Water-resistant material perfect for any outing
  • Stylish and compact when folded
  • Sturdy sewn-in insert makes folding easy
  • Detachable strap


Grace says:

Quality blanket that has held up to everything we could throw at it! We have owned this blanket for a full five years now. The quality is great, it’s easy to clean, and it folds easily for transport. Our blanket has handled outdoor picnics, half day parade watching, cool wet evening grass while watching fireworks, muddy days on the pizza farm, tuna spills, bubble solution spills, vomit, urine, dirt, mud, multiple kinds of beverages, sunscreen, and more! 

Isaac Tercero says:

Stylish comfort! On my first day I spilled punch on it but the liquid just formed a pebble. Just like what you would expect for a water resistant material! I’ve been having so much fun with the blanket. It;s so comfy and soft but super bonus points for resisting almost all stains. Sit 3 to 4 comfortably or two adults lying down. I’m 6’5 and a big guy. Sitting Indian style I take up 1/4th of the blanket. I just wish there was another larger size of this built in the same way. So I bought two of these instead…

blank Mama Poptart says:

Better than sliced bread! This item was EXACTLY as described. My friend had one of these all purpose blankets. When I saw hers, I had to know where she had gotten hers. Every time the family and I went on an outing, I always wished I had brought something to sit on and not just a traditional blanket, but something sturdier and waterproof. This is it!!! 

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