JU D2 Blade Full Tang Tactical Army Survival Camping Knife Ebony Handle Hunting Outdoor Knife 60 HRC Japanese Style Katana

January 23, 2020 - Comment
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Blade material: D2  Stainless steel
Handle material: ebony wood
Hardness: 58-60HRC
All Length:10.7inch
Blade Length:5.7inch
weight: 400 g

Product Features

  • Item:Knife+Wood Sheath
  • Blade material:D2 Stainless steel Hardness:58-60HRC
  • Handle material:Ebony Wood
  • Overall length:10.7inch Blade length:5.7inch Weight 0.4 kg
  • Ideal for collectors and outdoor Survival/services


Anonymous says:

Meh. Overall quality decent but not as sharp as expected. :< The knife looks great at glance and feels great too. Later inspection shows it’s not completely polished and it’s not super sharp, it couldn’t cut paper like those good knives. The edges were uneven and the sides were rugged and not smooth and polished. The handle is good but he space between the built in habiki or spacer was uneven and off set. The scabbard also isn’t very good, mine started to split around the glue holding it in and the edge where the blade side is started to get cut as to…

Anonymous says:

Knife is very nice but totally falls down on the scabbard. There is a lot to this knife. In weight, in feel and in design it feels exactly like what it is… a tanto. The weapon is proud to be and makes no pretensions, no curves, no elaborations, just an unadorned, simple design. The weapon is sturdy and like a martial arts master once said, “with the virtues of simplicity come sincerity and strength of purpose.” This is a combat knife, and in Japanese blade work subtlety is part of design. We do not see the specialized sword designs that we see in…

Anonymous says:

beautiful but with defect I bought this beautiful knife and it came sharp like razor , however the sheath is cracked from the top about 3 inches.I do not know how i can get it replaced since it came from overseas .Hence 3 stars. I guess QC is missing on these products.

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