K-Box Electric Cooler and Warmer with Wheels for Car and Home – 48 Quart (45 Liter) – 6 FT. Extra Long Cables Dual 110V AC House and 12V DC Vehicle Plugs, American (Blue White Red)

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The K-box Cooler/Warmer is the perfect accessory for you and your family the whole year round. It boasts a massive 48 quart interior chamber that keeps your cold food cold and your hot food hot.

The interior of the cooler measures 17″ L x 12″ W x 11″ D and the exterior measurements are 22″ L x 15″ W x 15″ D. That’s tall enough for a 2-liter of soda with enough room left over for multiple food containers. Plenty of space to pack everyone’s favorite foods.

Whether you’re enjoying a mild spring or suffering through a blistering summer, the K-box Cooler/Warmer chills and preserves your food and beverages when you’re on the road.

On ‘Cold’, the inside gets down to a chilly 40 degrees Fahrenheit and actively maintains that temperature to keep your beverages, salads and sandwiches cool & ready to enjoy at any time.

The perfect companion for weekend getaways to…

The beach



Road trips with the family

The K-box Cooler/Warmer is built for traveling and has some cool, convenient features to prove it. The new and improved 6 foot long 12V DC car adapter cable is kept safely tucked away in a chamber built into the lid. Simply spin the cover in either direction to access the cable. There’s even a groove cut in so you can power the cooler while the cover is closed. The cooler also has a built-in AC adapter, so it can be used indoors as well as outside.

It also has an easy locking mechanism that keeps the lid tightly sealed, maintaining the internal temperature while protecting food from accidental spills. Simply swing the carry handle forward to open or back to lock. It even locks halfway, so your food is safe and secure while carrying. The unit has wheels to make transporting this large cooler easy for one person, too.

Product Features

  • PORTABLE TRAVEL FRIDGE & HEATER: Whether you’re travelling on the road or camping in an RV, camper or minivan, this large capacity storage container to heat & warm or cool & chill food & drink.
  • PLUGS IN ANYWHERE: The cooler/warmer combo has 2 6 FT. Extra Long built in cords – one for standard wall outlets, and one for car power adapters. Both have storage compartments to be hidden when not in use.
  • VAST STORAGE SPACE: This 48 quart cooler stores about 60 cans of soda or 6 two liter bottles and 15 cans of soda or beer. A removable divider creates 2 compartments for easier organizing and storing.
  • CHILLS WITHOUT ICE: Forget ice packs that need constant refilling, take up precious space, and leave you with a watery mess when they melt. This cooler maintains a cool 40°F temp without any ice.
  • DOUBLE HANDLES AND WHEELED: Two handles and wheels make it easy to carry or pull. A dual functioning handle allows you to carry your cooler in hand or pull it on the ground using the wheels.


Anonymous says:

Great while it worked. We used this cooler on a camping trip to Kentucky last October (everyone needs to see the moon bow at Cumberland Falls State Park at least once in their lives) and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. It kept frozen items frozen during the 8 hour drive, and kept everything just right during the week we were camping. However, today we plug it up to get it cooled down in preparation for a short camping trip and noticed that the fan was not working, and part of the lid got very warm. It…

Anonymous says:

SO heres the deal…. Just got the cooler today. I bought it for our Travel trailer when we go camping. Anyone who camps knows what a pain it is keeping everything iced up for extended amounts of time. It seems like every day you need to add another bag of ice. (no, I do not have cheap coolers, either). I unpacked it, set it in my living room, and dropped a digital thermometer inside. It was at 74 degrees. Switched it on, and came back 2 hours later to check, and it was at 42. After 4 hours, it never went below…

Anonymous says:

What a wonderful product! We just returned from a two week, nearly 4000 mile trip to the Canadian Rockies, which was the reason for buying this cooler. It was awesome!! (the trip AND the cooler) We kept bottled water, sodas, sandwich meat, snacks, and a couple of medications needing refrigeration in it and it worked perfectly. Now, having said that, I should note a few of things of importance to anyone else who might buy one: it DOES take a fair amount of power and WILL drain your car battery overnight (I have a…

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