KEEJEA 100ft Type III 7 Strand Core Paracord 550 Parachute (19# Yellow)

March 1, 2020 - Comment
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100ft Paracord Great for survival, camping, fishing, hiking etc

Product Features

  • 100ft
  • 7-Strand core
  • great for paracord bracelet,outdoor camping tent rope, knife key lanyar etc
  • Diameter:5/32″(4mm)


Anonymous says:

None I found this paracord kind of weirdSuper light easy to catch fire,once it burns a different color or texture appears mmmmmMissing the shiny of the real paracordAnd the softness

Anonymous says:

Paracord Has a much lower melting point then any other brand I’ve used, liquidises, ignites, and takes much longer to cool to a point where it can be safely handled. Catches fire very easily when simply trying to singe it. Dose not fuse well with others. I’ve not tested it’s load bearing claims, not do I intend to.That all being said, it’s a pretty purple color and I was able to make a bracelet my teenage girl will wear. Beyond that I just decided I would use this particular cord for tying bundles…

Anonymous says:

Very decent cord and I saved about $2 bucks or so on top of it! It seems a tad thinner than some of my other 550 paracord that I purchased from other vendors. But it works great and what the heck, for the price . . . . . . I’ll take the $2 that I save, any day! I use it for bracelets, key fobs and water bottle carriers, so far. My honest opinion, some of that “spec” 550 paracord with a whole bunch of strands, is just too (for lack of a better word) fat to work with! So yeah, I was happy with it, I’ll buy from them I do not sell my…

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