Kenmore LG, 46-9690, LT700P, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006102, 048231783705, LT700 9690 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter, White

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The KenmoreClear! Kenmore-46-9690 is compatible with part numbers 9690, 469690, 46-9690 4609690000, 46-9690, and ADQ36006102. It fits refrigerator model number 72053. This fitler is used to improve the taste and clarity of water used in your refrigerator. I has an activated granular carbon filter designed to improve taste and a cellulose filter rated to .52 microns for improvements in sediment reduction and filtering of impurities such as cysts and sediment.

Product Features

  • Rated to .52 Microns
  • Meets NSF standard 42 for improving taste and quality of water.
  • Rated to last for 6 months depending on the water quality


Anonymous says:

Incorrect application will leak This product is not as described although it is exactly the same part number and package, it will not fit the Kenmore Elite refrigerator. See attachment / photos. The original cartridge is the one with the shorter male end, the one that I received was approximately 3/16 of a inch longer which does not allow the second O-Ring to seal, it will leak. This supplier either got parts from China or packaged incorrectly.

Anonymous says:

Just received this replacement filter. Same model number I’ve … Just received this replacement filter. Same model number I’ve always ordered but, there is something wrong with it.The filter will not properly engage with the socket in the refrigerator to allow it to swing up and into place for proper installation. It appears as if, the protrusions on the filter head are not large enough to engage the locking/unlocking mechanism in the refrigerator.Addendum: Just saw other reviews describing same issue. Filter inlet/outlet piece too…

Anonymous says:

Counterfeit labels & packaging This was a re-order and in the past I have received what seemed to be legit OEM products that worked fine. But the most recent filter received was clearly a cheap knock-off with counterfeit label & packaging. The filter itself was 15% lighter than a “real” OEM filter (dry). If these things weren’t so pricey, I’d love to tear a couple apart to compare. I have no problem with third-party filters if they’re sold honestly, but I’m not comfortable putting my drinking water through a product…

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