Kids Smart Watch Accurate GPS Tracker Phone Watches for Children Girls Boys 1.44 inch Touch Screen Camera WiFi Waterproof Anti-Lost SOS Digital Wrist Watches(Pink)

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This is DUIWOIM new generation of children’s phone smart watch, two-way call, IP67 waterproof, GPS+LBS+WIFI triple positioning, one-button SOS, a variety of new features, as a perfect gift for yourself and your child

– Support micro SIM card, two-way call, SOS emergency call tracker, secure fence fitness tracker, pedometer, etc
– With GPS, LBS and WIFI indoor positioning function, to provide you with accurate, real-time positioning
– You can track your location via iOS or Android/iPhone APP
– You can have a voice conversation between your smart watch and your app
– Send a voice message through the app or see a recorded message sent to the phone app

Product specifications:
– Product Name: Kids Phone Smart Watch (Kids Smart Watches)
– Material: plastic and silicone
– Screen: 1.44 inch touch screen
– Size: 51.6 * 38.5 * 14.5mm
– Language: English, Chinese
– GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 quad band
– Positioning system: GPS + WIFI + LBS
– Waterproof level: IP67 waterproof
– Battery capacity: 400MA
– Talk time: 3-4 hours

Package Content:
– 1 x kids phone smart watch (not including SIM card)
– 1 x USB cable
– 1 X Turn screw
– 1 x Instruction manual
– 1 x Cute box

Product Features

  • ❤★NICE GIFTS FOR KIDS: kids phone smart watch designed for girls boys, two-way call, GPS + LBS+WIFI positioning, IP67 waterproof, one-button SOS, pedometer, fitness tracking, voice chat, anti-lost, stopwatch, night flashlight, remote Voice monitoring, remote camera, parents can control and set the watch through the app
  • ❤★GPS+WIFI+LBS POSIYTION (WIFI IS OPTIONAL): This children’s GPS tracker smart watch uses a triple positioning system based on assisted GPS (AGPS) + local base station (LBS) + WIFI, through the children’s smart watch for your child’s position Provide accurate, real-time information. You can easily track your child’s movements and see them any time of the day
  • ❤★SOS EMERGENCY CALL FUNCTION: When your child are in trouble, your child can use the smart watch GPS to notify you through the intuitive SOS function. Press the SOS button on the child’s smart watch for 3 seconds or dial the preset number until someone answers the call. You can set up to 3 SOS numbers
  • ❤★IP67 WATERPROOF: This smart watch adopts IP67’s advanced waterproof design. The child is no longer afraid of encountering water when taking a shower, washing hands and swimming, and they can play freely
  • ❤★CLASS DO NOT DISTURB: To ensure your child’s attention in the classroom, we have written a classroom feature that restricts the use of smart watches at certain times of the day. Just set the time your child usually spends in class, and automatically disable the child’s GPS watch during these times (does not affect the normal use of SOS)


Anonymous says:

Nothing compares.. Subjective I know Nothing compares.. Subjective I know… For me a non-collector it is the best! I can’t really say much more. I don’t collect spinners or research them. BUT I do know this, I was very lucky to choose this spinner. I have bought a few spinners since and none have compared to this one. In fact, since I got this spinner I am no longer buying fidget spinners. I am not a spinner guy I just got real lucky when I bought the Nousts.I big thank you to the Nousts family for spending the…

Anonymous says:

Precious Metal Length:: 7:05 Mins This should only be called a thing of beauty, not a fidget spinner, because it is so much more.From the moment you take it out of the case, you can tell that it is a quality device. I have spun it for up to 9 minutes in the vertical position holding it with my thumb and forefinger. It gives a soft ring as it spins. It is not loud enough to attract attention, but if someone glances at it, then you have a conversation on your hands too…

Anonymous says:

Nice piece, quite an upgrade from non metal Awesome weight, 3.5 minute spin on a consistent basis. It does have concave buttons, my kids are jealous… LolVery smooth, quiet, and appears to be extremely well made and balanced.UPDATE… I’ve had this now for over a week… I’ve gotten good at making this thing spin… Nobody can match my spin time… Yesterday. A vertical spin without moving the piece…I got 9 minutes and 34 seconds… Wow…. This review is my own and I did not receive the spinner as a promotion, at a…

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