Kindling wood sticks 500pc – Fire starter sticks for campfires / fireplace / bbq / wood stove – Natural firestarters from 100% oak better than fatwood fire starters

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The best wood for kindling – Firewood sticks box 17,5 lbs – Fire starters for fireplace and campfire + Bonus E-book

Kindling wood sticks are considered to be the finest firestarters for indoor fireplace. With our fire lighters you will make a fire in your fireplace, wood stove, fire pit or grill in no time.

Benefits of our fire kindling:

A great amount of fire wood at a favourable price. Over 500 fire starting sticks in one pack. Starts a fire in seconds! Use a few firestarter sticks to light a fire in your wood stove, fireplace or for bbq. Low moisture content of wood sticks considerably simplifies fire starting. Oak kindling is even better than fat wood firestarter. You don’t have to use any fluids or add paper, only fire starting sticks are needed to build a great fire. This is the best fire starter for camping because it is compact and even a beginner can easily make a fire with it.

These are the best campfire starters for a person who often burns wood or goes camping. This firewood starter pack weights 17,5 pounds so it is a nice bulk suggestion that will last for a long time. Note that you do not overpay for moisture since these long fire lighters for fireplace, grill and wood stove contain only 6% of moisture.

All natural fire starter sticks is an eco friendly alternative to gels and fluids. With firestarters you also get a free E-book – Proper Care Of A Wood- Burning Fireplace! Do not waste anymore time in front of the fireplace or wood stove trying various things to get the wood to light. Buy dry kindling wood of the highest quality at very affordable price!

Product Features

  • A kindling box of firewood weighing 17,5 lbs with more than 500 firestarter sticks is a nice option of natural fire starter.
  • Kindling wood is great as grill (bbq), fire pit, fireplace, wood stove or camp fire starter.
  • Fire starting sticks moisture content is only 6%, so you do not overpay for excessive moisture and can easily start a fire with this fire lighter.
  • Fire starters is a must have for camping. Just a single match is needed to light one kindling stick.
  • Oak fire starter sticks work even better than fatwood. Simply use a few fire kindling sticks and get a roaring fire in your fireplace or wood stove.


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