Kings County Tools Swiss Made Camping Axe. Vintage Never Used Built Real Work. Hardwood Handles

January 26, 2020 - Comment
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15.5″ Overall. 5.625″ brushed finish stainless axe head with 3.25″ cutting edge. Brown wood handle.

Product Features

  • A Distinctive Knife Made of Highest Quality Materials!


Anonymous says:

Five Stars Excellent Product As Always.

Anonymous says:

For the money, this is THE hatchet you should buy hands down. I really do love my hatchet, the head is very well made and the thing I love the most about it is I can re shaft the head and I have a new tool to last me years.

blank Anonymous says:

Axe Head good, handle bad My opinion is that this is not an expensive tool. The handle and fit of the head to the handle is poor. The axe is visually appealing and the shape and size of the handle is fine. I would recommend you use it until it breaks then get a better handle. That being said it does fall short of what I consider “standard quality” with any striking tool affixed to a wooden handle. The grain orientation on the handle of the axe I received was perpendicular to the axe head. It is standard…

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