LandAirSea’s SilverCloud 2020 Long-Lasting Real time 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Personal, Vehicle and Asset Location Tracking (Device + Waterproof Magnet Mount)

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— [Subscription Required] [Domestic Use Only! Global Version available upon request] [Includes: Device + MagMount + SIM Card] — The SilverCloud 2020 is a compact, pocket-sized real-time GPS tracker that can be used anywhere. Reporting location data with pinpoint accuracy using both the global satellite network and 4G LTE cellular technology, this powerful personal tracker, with its 2 to 3-week battery life, allows you to reliably keep track of people, vehicles and assets. The SilverCloud 2020 is small, light and can easily fit in small spaces for discreet tracking. The power button has a built-in smart sensor which prevents accidental bumping and power-cycling. Located on the front of the device is the PANIC button which will alert your emergency contact when pressed 3 times consecutively. Please note that the Amazon model of the 2020 DOES NOT include the PANIC button. If your application requires it, please contact LandAirSea. With its ultra-compact design, long battery life and affordable monthly tracking plans, The SilverCloud 2020’s tracking possibilities are limitless. Monitor the device in real-time via the online SilverCloud web portal or the free mobile app. We also offer various accessories including our Waterproof Magnet Mount, great for vehicle tracking, and our Multi-purpose Carrying Case which works great on bikes, backpack straps, belts, wheelchairs, and believe it or not dog collars. The most important function of any GPS tracker is its ability to report it’s location with as much accuracy as possible. The 2020 can incredibly report it’s location to within 2 meters on a variety of affordable monthly plans. Location updates range from your choice of once every 60-seconds, to as fast as every 3-seconds, so you will know exactly where the 2020 is at any given moment. LandAirSea does not lock you into any long-term contracts and they can be canceled at any time without additional fees.

Product Features

  • Monthly data subscription required | Includes AT&T SIM with Unlimited Data and Access to our Tracking Portal | No contracts | No cancellation fees
  • 4G LTE Personal GPS tracker for reliable tracking of people, vehicles, and/or assets
  • Mini pocket-portable design | Waterproof Magnet Mount and Multi-purpose Carrying Case accessories available
  • Rechargeable | Average 2 to 3-weeks of battery life (depending on use) | Dark Mode LED disabling feature for covert tracking
  • Track & map (with Google Maps) in real-time on web-based software or SilverCloud App | Text & email alerts | Geofencing | Location reporting | Historical playback


Anonymous says:

Excellent Tracker LAS has done it again. I’ve owned many different trackers of theirs over the years both passive and real time. Their units never fail to impress me, with the 2020 topping the list. This new unit is small enough to conceal in every day objects, book bags, stuffed animals, etc, not to mention in a vehicle. They’ve outdone themselves with this one.

Anonymous says:

Great GPS Tracker with Great App The LandAirSea 2020 is the third LandAirSea GPS Tracker that I have purchased. The LandAirSea 2020 is small, sleek, with a rugged design. Very easy to conceal. Accuracy is always spot on or within a couple of meters. The app is easy to use and gives an option to turn off the LED lights of the device. The playback and history reports are very useful. The Customer Service at LandAirSea has always been pleasant to deal with, the couple of times I’ve had to call. You always get a person on the…

Anonymous says:

Best Tracking Device on the Market I own PPS IX Security Services and Recovery – we have 8 LandAirSea 54 devices and use them 100% of the time. When I saw the opportunity to test the 2020, I jumped at the chance. For the purpose intended that do not use a magnetic tracker, this little unit is simply outstanding. If it had a magnet and was waterproof, I would switch to this device. The quality in workmanship and material is state-of-the-art, even feels great in your hands – a solid unit. I did find the charging tap to cover the…

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