LED Car Flashlight – Emergency Vehicle Light – Brightest 100% Waterproof, Magnetized Sticks To Car! Fits In Glove Box, Stay Safe If You Break Down! Save Lives, Car/Boat, FULL Lifetime Guarantee!

May 26, 2017 - Comment
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This powerful 3 in 1 LED flashlight was built to provide you with brilliant light in any emergency situation. See Images above. It’s powerful magnetic case attaches easily to any metal surface, while your hands are left free to work. The flashing LED’s in the handle help warn other motorists you’re nearby. This rugged flashlight is a great tool to have in any emergency or survival situation. It comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Product Features

  • Liquid & shock resistant design for use under the most rugged conditions when reliable light is a necessity
  • Featuring 300 Lumen illumination for optimal visibility & maximum safety
  • Providing over 50 continuous hours of illumination, this light will last for days if necessary for the security & comfort of your family.
  • As a bonus, this 3-in-1 tool has 26 side diodes for area illumination. 8 flashers double as a distress beacon to attract attention. Be seen. be safe!
  • Magnetic body attaches easily to any metal surface leaving your hands free to work.


cifrank says:

5 Stars…..Why ? I just received it. The thing has it’s charms but it is not a 5 Star light. First, the actual flashlight is not that bright. It is decent if you have to go under the hood of your car but other than that….so-so. The real bargain here is the center light in the body. It doubles as an area light. Well reflected and very bright. There is also a red emergency light for when you are stuck on the highway and the magnet works well. Good deal because if you need to flash for help on the highway it is…

William G Smith says:

I Love Mine! Plenty Of Light I Love Mine! Plenty Of Light! The Lantern Side Is Really Bright! I Tried The Magnet Base On My Fridge…I Have No Worries Of The Weight Of The Light Falling! I Received It With No Scratches..And The Red LED’S Are Bright! The Only Thing I Would Of Liked To See Was The Red LED’S On The Back Side Of The Light…So When You Do Go Out To Adventure In The Dark(To Change A Flat Tire)..And The Light Is Placed On The Fender so You Can Work..The Red LED’S Would Be Warning Others As They approach! Other…

blank Marian Bostwick says:

Best Flashlight ever. I first purchased one of these for my daughter. Her and her husband camp a lot, and this seemed to be the best flashlight I could find. They went camping to Emerald Bay in Nevada, and there were bear lockers for the food and toiletries. They said with the magnet it was the best flashlight they had ever used, it lit up the entire cupboard, and it actually lights the way to the bathrooms. It has 3 functions, including a red blinking light that we tested and can be seen from quite a distance. The…

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