LEKI Legacy Trekking Poles

October 10, 2019 - Comment
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The Legacy is the culmination of LEKI’s 60+ years experience in designing and producing their own trekking poles. Featuring Ultralite, high-tensile strength Aluminum shafts and lightweight Thermo foam grips, Legacy also includes the next generation SpeedLock 2 which is not only smaller and stronger than our previous design, but further reduces overall weight and enhances the swingweight on the trail. Quite possibly the best value on the market as the perfect pole for any hiker anywhere in the world

Product Features

  • PA Safety Thermo grip for warmer hands including easily adjustable strap with safety release
  • Reinforced strap with convenient fleece lining for pleasant wear comfort
  • Speed Lock 2: Extremely fast adjustment of the pole length. 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 20% higher holding force – at least.
  • Aluminum HTS: Super stable, extremely robust and very durable
  • Flex Tip Short: More precision pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains


Anonymous says:

Great purchase. My knees like them. I’d never used hiking poles before. I’d seen someone with this brand in a picture. I trusted them to be a decent outdoorsman so I trusted their use of this brand. I think I made the right call. Helped my knees a lot on a a hilly hike we took last week. My wife thought I was silly for taking them at first. Half a mile later, she had one and I had one……..which actually worked out pretty well. I’m not an expert but I’d definitely recommend these.

Anonymous says:

Customer Service and Amazon owners to the rescue! Had an issue with a loose clamp, Lekki’s customer service’s response to my inquiry was spot on. I also asked the Amazon owners community and they came through as well, the solution was easy peasy. My 80+ year old husband is using these for walking in his rehab from having both knees replaced, one in May and the other in October, they are perfect for this.

Anonymous says:

hand straps are easy to adjust and padded while possessing a proper width I find the poles solidly built, handles grips are soft, hand straps are easy to adjust and padded while possessing a proper width. The “Speed Locks” are not sleek or streamlined; they are knobby and clunky when held together in my hand while walking. However, they are functional, they open and close with ease and I feel safe and secure on the trail. I look forward to years of use.Additional Notes: On my 2015, 230 mile John Muir Trail, I found these Leki poles to be incredibly…

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