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July 12, 2019 - Comment
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Keep the carbide sharp and indoor areas undamaged with Leki’s Rubber Walking Tips.

Product Features

  • Fits over the ends of the Carbide Flex tips and is suggested only for use indoors and on pavement.
  • offer protection, support and grip for the tips of your walking pole
  • he internal steel washer prevents the tip from piercing the rubber


Anonymous says:

A good buy These Leki rubber tips have a slightly rounded base, rather than the flat worn out tips I was used to, so took a little adjustment. But now that I’m used to them, I really like them…they provide grip and stability.

Anonymous says:

Last forever I had to buy more of these because I lost one. I walked all over Israel for 8 days using these as well as all the walking I did training. I would say I’ve put at least 1,000 miles on the ones I had and you can’t tell much difference between the old one and the new one.

Anonymous says:

Perfect for Leki poles Leki poles tend to come with a metal tip under a rubber tip, making them ideal for many surfaces. When the rubber tip wears down after years of use, it must be replaced. These are made for that purpose and they do it well. They are tight at first, but they do fit. In the winter, for example, I expose the metal tip to grab into the ice. When I go indoors, whether at home or at the library or bank, etc. I put the rubber tip back on until I am ready to leave. This avoids damaging floors…

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