LEKI Wanderfreund Black Carbon Trekking Pole

August 30, 2019 - Comment
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Refined and elegant support with the Wanderfreund Black Carbon. With the Speed Lock 2 external adjustment system and lightweight Carbon, this walking pole is always a reliable companion. Thanks to its edge-free ergonomic shape, the AergoMed grip offers secure and comfortable performance on the trail or out on the town.

Product Features

  • Aergon Med: Its ergonomic shape provides comfortable support while walking.
  • Lock Speed 2: Extremely Fast Adjustment Of The Pole Length. 30% Smaller, 25% Lighter And 20% Higher Holding Force – At Least.
  • Flex Tip Short: More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.
  • Rubber Tip Trekking: Made of vulcanised material.


Anonymous says:

Great stability and adjustability! This is a terrific pole to aid balance and as a substitute for those not wanting a traditional ‘cane’. Handgrip is great and adjustments are very easy. I’ve seen a review or two mentioning they don’t hold up under weight.. I suspect the clips weren’t adjusted to snug down properly. If they are loose or feel loose simply open the clip fully, spin the nut a quarter turn or so at a time and reclose the locking clip(s), they should have some resistance when closing so that when fully closed they…

Anonymous says:

Lightweight, safe and easy to use! I use a cane to walk all the time. This is a terrific cane for everyday users as well. Once properly adjusted to your height, it is extremely secure and strong. Another bonus is it’s light weight, which makes it a lot easier and less tiresome to use. I liked it so much, I bought another one so that I’ll have two to use while hiking.

Anonymous says:

Strong & Lightweight Great walking cane / stick! Bigger hand rest than my trekking poles, good for around town. I use it for balance.This is really light & made from carbon fiber, like a good fishing pole. If your are use to the heaver metal canes, this may feel “cheap” to you, but they are strong & lightweight (about 8 oz)There Quick release system makes it easy to adjust, like some of my trekking poles with this feature, they will slip if loose, but easy enough to tighten up with a thumb…

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