Lumistick 6 inch Emergency Glow Sticks – Industrial Grade Waterproof Ultra Bright Long Lasting Parties Bright Light Sticks (Red, 48 Glowsticks)

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Product Features

  • ➪ ALL AROUND LIGHT STICKS FOR EMERGENCY OR EVERYDAY USE – Keep a reliable source of light on hand with these Lumistick glowsticks. Perfect for emergency situations and surprise blackouts, they will come in handy on a number of different occasions.
  • ➪ HIGH INTENSITY LIGHT FOR UP TO 12 HOURS – Upon activation, the high-intensity light from these big glow sticks can last for up to 12 hours before they start to fade. These are military-grade industrial survival glowsticks that can last from dusk till dawn, making them a perfect companion for emergency situations.
  • ➪ WRAPPED IN INDIVIDUAL FOIL PACK – Order this glowstick set and get 12 pieces of individually packed light sticks that you can spread out between your vehicle, home, etc. Distribute them on camping trips and other outdoor activities to complete any survival kit.
  • ➪ LONG SHELF LIFE – Fresh out of the factory, these powerful glowsticks have a shelf life of at least two years, which makes them perfect for storing. With strict quality assurance standards, we are able to make sure that the pack of glowsticks each customer receives is fresh and not degraded.
  • ➪ SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – Safety is also one of our main concerns, which is why we use of non-toxic and non-flammable materials for our chem lights. These glow sticks are waterproof and can be used underwater. The outer tube is durable, but if the liquid leaks out, simply wash off skin and clothes with regular soap and water.


Anonymous says:

Not very bright The product came on time and in good shape and when cracked and shaken they glow and lasted all night. Unfortunately they aren’t very bright! With a description like “12 Hour High Intensity Glow Lights” I expected them to be much brighter than they are. I have to use 2 to be bright enough on my kayak to tie on hooks and lures. Not quite what I hoped.

Anonymous says:

Good deal for decent emergency lights First the bad news: I timed a light and did not last at 100% for 12 hours. Last 3 hours or so it dropped off a lot. Still visible but at full strength I could read by it and last few hours would be very hard to read by in dark. The claim was full strength for at least 12 hours. Dinged 1 star for that.The rest is good news: Solid make, no leaks. Very good light at full strength. I’d say the first 9 hours was very good and for what I wanted it for, emergency lighting, would be fine for it…

blank Anonymous says:

THESE are by far”THE BEST GLOW STICK” have ever used THESE are by far”THE BEST GLOW STICK” have ever used. Lasted 28 hrs, granted, by last 12 hrs very faint light…but if in situation WITH NO LIGHTS, still very helpful. Otherwise, normal brightness is about 12-18 hrs!Than hours down to 40% & finally 5-8% at the last 5-8 hrs….Again that’s normal. Using these in emergency situations, making location in cave exploring, camping, etc…Best ever used, & comes with wire to tie around neck, on objects, etc as well as end has a…

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