MalloMe Sleeping Pad Camping Air Mattress – Self Inflating Mat Bed for Backpacking Adults – Inflatable Ultralight Insulated Soft Foam Sleep Gear – Lightweight Travel Cot Roll Mats Accessories Green

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The MalloMe SoftFoam inflatable insulated camping travel air mattress sleeping pad is the only mat you will ever need on your camping trip. It is specifically designed with SoftFoam technology and inner pockets of air that you can blow up to provide you with the comfort you need while camping and on the road. Whether you are at camp, backpacking, car camping, tent camping, cabin camping, hiking this XL camping mat bed inflates, deflates, is compressible and will always be there to help you get the best rest possible. Really a must for portable backpack gear accessories. Couple with our sleeping bag and camping pillow for absolute best results. Simply open the pressure valve to let the sleeping pad self inflate and add a couple breaths to suit your desired softness. Finally, the rest you deserve, anywhere! Since its memory foam like material is packable and lightweight, you will not suffer from these other ballon like sleeping pads that slip from under you and are not comfortable. Rest assured MalloMe is committed to 100% satisfaction guarantee making this a no risk purchase worth every penny.

Product Features

  • ❤️MEMORY FOAM COMFORT! No longer sleep on a balloon like sleeping pad that keeps slipping out from under you as offered by others. Your body deserves better. The first of its kind, the MalloMe camping air mattress is made of our SoftFoam material just like our camping pillow, which provides enhanced cushioned support where your body most needs it.
  • 🔥CUSTOMIZABLE FIRMNESS & SUPPORT – Exactly how soft you want it! Our base of Soft Foam with our engineered and customizable internal pockets of air allows you to inflate the camping mat to your desired firmness to suit all travel, camping, backpacking, and hiking conditions. Portable, compressible, and compact with a protective draw string stuff sack pouch.
  • 😘EASY TO INFLATE – The camping bed is designed to be self inflating and with a couple breaths you can be ready to nap within seconds making it perfect for ultralight backpacking, hiking, road trips, as well as tent, cottage, cabin and car camping. You can even use at home as the sleeping mat delivers excellent sleep quality.
  • 🛌SLEEP IN LUXURY – You don’t always have to be “roughing it” when you are traveling and at camp. Sleep plays a critical role in your health. It helps repair your heart and blood vessels while sleep deficiency is linked to heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure, decreased brain function, diabetes and stroke. Investing in your sleep is investing in your life.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Our camping sleeping pad are the absolute best and a must have for outdoor camping gear and accessories. We provide the best customer experience possible. In case anything goes wrong, be sure we will respond to your concern within 24 hours.


Anonymous says:

Great price! Good product! I am always happy when MalloMe comes out with new products. They are well made and good quality. The sleeping pad was offered to me at a full rebate to try. Of course I was excited to try it and add another great item to my camping gear. I have never had a self-inflating mat. I have always wanted one because I have heard how great they are. The one suggestion I have is to have better instructions. It was not just as simple as unrolling it and letting it self inflate. The first time, you need…

Anonymous says:

Quality where it matters Length:: 0:59 Mins I am doing this review as a comparison then a quick summary.Aside from this MalloMe sleep pad, I have had two others. One I pai $90 for from Galyans sporting goods, it was heavy and eventually came apart at the valve. I still have a Kelty sleep pad that was $60 so I will be comparing my MalloMe to the Kelty as they are comparable in price, though the MalloMe is only $50,Packaging:MalloMe: color matched bag, basic…

Anonymous says:

Well designed, extremely comfortable sleep pad! This will be my Sturgis 2020 camp pad. I tried it out the other day in the highlands of North Carolina I have to say this is the most comfortable sleep pad I have used. It packs down to a small size that easily fit into my saddle ba. The pillow and pad plus other items will fit into a saddle bag. Thank you MalloMe for coming out with a decent sleep pad!

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