Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover – Ice Blue

February 5, 2020 - Comment
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For a full keyboard and comfortable typing experience anywhere, pair Surface Pro Signature Type Cover with Surface Pro 7. Sleek, compact and adjustable, it includes a complete mechanical keyset, backlit keys, and large trackpad for precise navigation. Plus, three colors are covered in rich, warm Alcantara material for an added touch of luxury.

Product Features

  • Features a full mechanical keyset, backlit keys, and large trackpad for precise navigation and control
  • Slim and compact, yet performs like a traditional, full-size keyboard
  • Clicks in place instantly – use in combination with Surface Pro 7 Kickstand for a best-in-class laptop experience anywhere.
  • Luxurious Alcantara material on select covers is soft and smooth, yet durable and stain resistant
  • Close to protect screen and conserve battery, or fold back completely for a take-anywhere tablet


Anonymous says:

Only choice for a Surface Pro Really was hesitant to drop so much money on a keyboard/cover. I do not regret it, using it right now in fact. Keys feel great compared to lots of laptops, obviously not as great as a full keyboard but that’s to be expected. I thought the “alcantra” fabric would be weird, but its actually quite comfy, hasn’t gotten dirty yet, I think choosing dark grey/black helps with that.Not having to deal with recharging a battery or Bluetooth connections is what sold me on this, and it…

Anonymous says:

Great for home office use butespecially when traveling This cover with keyboard is terrific. I thought I might also need an additional cover when traveling but it turns out the padded portion of my briefcase along with this high quality cover are more than adequate. The keyboard and touch pad have very good responsiveness, and I see in other reviews that the newer spacing of the keys, slight redesign of the touch pad and some other changes make this newer version far preferable. When I’m in my home office, my Microsoft docking station is set up so…

blank Anonymous says:

Mushy “feel”, some keys don’t work without hard pressure This is my ***fifth*** type cover since I bought my Surface Pro 3 in 2014. I just got this keyboard today, brand new in box. It’s a different model than the previous four, but has the same mushy ‘feel’ to the keys as the one it just replaced (which only lasted three months before it started malfunctioning). Some of the keys on this one need a very hard press to get them to activate, which is also the same as the prevous (fourth) one.The other three type covers were different…

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