Midland 75-785 40-Channel CB Radio

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This durable radio is built to go wherever you go Made of a rugged construction, the Portable CB Radio has 4-wall output power and 40 channels to choose from so you will have a maximum communication range. Whether you are hunting, hiking, or any other outdoor activity, take the 75-785 with you and keep you communication lines open.

This CB radio comes with seven watts of input and four watts of output (the FCC maximum allowable), and is a sleek and slim handheld that’s 33% smaller than its predecessor. Highlights include automatic noise control, automatic gain control, a bright LED display, high/low power switch, and plenty more. With battery saving circuitry, this mobile radio can operate on 9 AA batteries or use your vehicle’s 12V DC lighter socket adaptor, for a truly portable CB solution.

Midland 75-785 A 40-channel handheld CB transceiver. Click here for a larger image alt Truly portable CB radio for use anywhere.

Truly Portable Handheld CB Radio

40-Channel CB Radio

The 75-785 offers 40 separate communication channels, delivering the maximum CB communication range with 4 watts of output power. Tune in with pinpoint accuracy using on-board PLL channel selection.

While communicating, a built in ANL (automatic noise limiter) improves reception for weak signals, and squelch control further eliminates background noise. Transmissions on your end should be crystal-clear as well, thanks to the built-in electrostat microphone.

Powering Options

You can power the 75-785 with nine AA alkaline batteries for use on the go. Alternately, fill it with rechargeable nickel cadmium AAs, and use the charge jack to recharge them all without removing them from the radio.

Additionally, a DC charger is included for use with “cigarette lighter” power adapters in cars, trucks, boats, etc.

External Accessory Jack

Add Midland accesories, such as an external speaker box or headset mic, using this jack.

75-785 Select Specifications

Channels: 40 CB
Frequency Band: 26.965 – 27.405 MHz Unit Dimensions (H x Wx D): 7 x 2.25 x 2 Inches Unit Weight: 0.55 lbs. Power Requirement: 9 AA
Operating Temperature Range: -30 ~ +50° C

What’s in the Box

Midland 75-785 CB Radio, DC Adapter, Antenna

Product Features

  • 7W input, 4W output
  • Full 40-channel pull
  • Great for all your needs
  • Handheld CB radio with 40 CB channels and maximum-allowed four watts output power
  • Power with nine AA batteries or included cigarette lighter adapter for mobile use
  • Charge jack allows NiCad batteries to be charged without removing them from the radio
  • ANL (automatic noise limiter) and squelch control for improving reception/eliminating noise
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty


Supportrealartists says:

Safety first A huge fear of mine is my husband not returning from hunting due to not being aware of thers sharing the woods with him. A couple years ago he damaged his radio and was too cheap to replace it this year I refuse to take any chances. Made it a priority and he loves the quality.

Midwest Man says:

i like it. 4 stars since it takes so many batteries. its a great handy dandy little radio. obviously it works better for monitoring than transmitting. its humorous how many reviews on here think this should be some super radio. I deal with 20 ft antennas and radios that cost hundreds that only reliably work about 30 miles. this is a good business radio if you have a transportation yard and you direct traffic or run a loader. everything on it works as it should for me. it is what it is. nothing more.

Michael says:

Good Radio IF you understand its limitations Good radio IF you understand its limitations… After reading many of the reviews here I noticed a disturbing trend of people thinking that this radio would some how get hundreds of miles of range, underground in a steel and lead lined bunker. Or communicate with Neptune. It cant. 

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