Minimalist Mens Wallet with Money Clip and Multitool – Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet/RFID Credit Card Holder – Thin Front Pocket Wallets for Men, Smart Tactical Wallet Style, With Aluminum Engraving Plate

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Is Your Wallet Out Of Control?

… Shrink The Bulk and Protect Your Cards In One Smart Tactical Manoeuvre

Everyone knows a bulky back pocket wallet is bad for our back and hips. And the front pocket wallet bulk just looks weird. Well, this low profile wallet holds 1-12 cards and your cold hard cash in one modern look! So check your pockets now and feel, is that the shrinkage you’d like in your pants?

You’ll Use it A Lot, So We made it Strong and Durable to Handle It!

The V-Taper along the bottom edge helps you slide your cards in the case. Push the cards down via the C-Shaped notch and then clamp the top, they fan out so you can easily find the ones in the middle!

The outside is made from non-scratch carbon fiber, in gunmetal. Not only beautiful, but also a smart security wallet for credit cards – a protector from RFID’s! The inside is aluminum alloy! Unlike other mens rfid blocking wallets, it won’t bend or break!

… Gift It To A Man Who Needs A Smaller Wallet in HIS Life!

Features aluminum engraving plate. Blank it doubles as a classy accent! Comes with multitool card with 30+ unique functions With screwdriver for adjustments Boxed in a manly magnetic-closure gift box HOT DEAL: Order this wallet today with one of our Metal Insert Love Cards and Save 10%

When you take the MANA’O Smart Wallet home, one of two things will happen. You (… or the person you gift it to) will use it over a few days and then wonder what you (or they) did before this pocket slimming wallet came along! Or we’ll refund every cent so you can find your dream wallet too.

Simultaneously slim your pockets, become 30x more handy, dodge a hip replacement, AND protect your cards. Now, who said men cant multi-task?

Product Features

  • MINIMIZE THE BULK: Shrink the pocket bulk, repel card-reading RFID’s and arm yourself in a MacGyver-like fashion in one swift tactical manoeuvre! This minimalist wallet holds as few as one, or as many as 12 cards. So check your pockets now and feel, is that the kind of shrinkage you’d like in your pants? Great gift for any occasion like: Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift, Groomsmen Gift, Deployment Gift…..
  • CONVENIENTLY TOUGH: Notice the V-Taper along the bottom edge, it’s there to help you slide your cards in and out. Push the cards down via the C-Shaped notch and clamp the top – the cards fan out so you can find the ones in the middle! You’ll be using that a lot, so we made it strong and durable to take it, to any adventure even hiking up a hill ridge.
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED: Beautiful to behold and pleasing to use. A simple NON-SCRATCH design with RFID blocking technology as a bonus! Use the MONEY CLIP for actual money, fix to your pants pocket or remove it (… screwdriver included). And get handy with the 30+ Function MULTITOOL that fits comfortably inside!
  • GIFT BOXED TOO: We’ve mounted a plate onto the front of this money clip wallet, so you can engrave a message and gift it to a man who needs a small wallet! But for something special – order one of our MANA’O Wallet Insert Cards of Love (Link: ) with our RFID wallets and save 10% on the Wallet Card.
  • A SIMPLE CHOICE: When you take the MANA’O Smart Wallet home, one of two things will happen. You’ll take it out over a few days, and then wonder what you did before you found this pocket slimming wallet! Or we’ll refund every cent so you can find your perfect wallet card holder too. Try it out now.


Anonymous says:

Best Wallet on Amazon This wallet was exactly what I was looking for. Having a leather wallet for all my life, I wanted something smaller, more durable to where I could put in my front pocket. This wallet is it! Made of great material, smaller yet big enough for what I need to carry and is easily carried in my front pocket. I highly recommend this wallet and have gotten a lot of feedback from co-workers who are looking to downsize their wallets.The wallet arrived earlier than expected with no issues…

Anonymous says:

Lightweight comfortable wallet A good friend had showed me this wallet and I liked the look and feel of it, so I decided to try it out. I have had it for a couple of days now, and I like it. It looks like it would be heavy and bulky, but it fits comfortably in my back pocket and doesn’t feel awkward when I sit down. The multi-tool card that comes with it is a nice bonus as well. Directions for the multi tool card as well as the features of the wallet arrived by email within 24 hours of purchasing it.It also has…

Anonymous says:

Not worth the hype I bought this as a gift for my husband. He likes the small front pocket wallets, and at first he liked this one. Two weeks in, the front engravable plate fell off. A month in, a few of the screws holding the wallet together started to come loose and he lost the money clip. It was awkward for him to always have to push all the cards out to get to the one he needed. After gluing the screws back in and not being able to have cash with the wallet we gave up and got him a different wallet.

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