MONDIA Soft Sided Portable Cooler Bag keeps 16 Cans cold up to 48 hrs, Soft Coolers Insulated Leak Proof, use as Beach Cooler Bag, Travel Cooler for car or insulated cooler bags for outdoor adventures

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No matter where your outdoor adventures are leading you and your family or friends, this portable, insulated cooler bag provides peace of mind: You will have ice cold drinks and food! The round design and soft materials not only make this soft cooler bag easy to carry, it also looks amazing. It is sturdy and oozes quality!

At your next tailgating party, just open the top and you and your party have easy access to ice cold drinks. Take this cooler bag on your canoeing trip and have a picnic on a remote island. Imagine your day on the water, fishing or just relaxing with your drinks of choice within reach all the time, always in top condition.

This insulated cooler bag is tough, durable and leak proof, an excellent example of soft coolers insulated leak proof cooler bags! Keeps your drinks and food cold for 48 hours, made from top quality materials. The Round barrel design is optimal for cold retention, no danger of drinking your beer warm from this portable cooler bag!

Soft sided, easy to carry portable cooler with a comfortable padded strap. When you use it as a beach cooler bag, you don’t have to worry about the walk. Easier to carry than an ice chest bag.

Withstands stains, you can use it anywhere and not worry about it getting dirty. Simply wipe the cooler bag with a cloth and mild detergent after your trip to keep it clean.

Cooler bag size is 13″ x 12″, it holds 12 litres. Picnic Cooler, travel cooler for car and Beer Cooler that can hold 16 cans plus good amount of ice, or 20 cans with little ice. Or use as 12 can cooler with some snacks, if you prefer small coolers for travel. Tested to keep contents cold for 48 hours in 90 F environment! For test 16 cans were ice cold, ice was added and the cooler bag was pre-cooled in the fridge. This soft pack Cooler, or soft side cooler, only weighs 3.2lbs

Product Features

  • ❄ KEEP DRINKS AND FOOD COLD FOR LONGER: Any cooler can keep your drinks cool, but the Mondia Soft Sided Cooler bag keeps your drinks colder, longer, so you can enjoy your trip or party. The round design and 3 layers of foam combined with top quality materials keep your drinks cold for up to 48 hours if drinks go in ice cold and bag is pre-cooled. If you look for a portable cooler bag, look no further.
  • ❄ LEAK PROOF AND WATERTIGHT: No more soggy backseats or cargo liners! And even better: No more wet mess when you go camping. This travel cooler for car or any other way of transport is a fully leak-proof cooler that keeps water where it belongs: Inside! As far as soft coolers insulated leak proof models go, you will not be disappointed.
  • ❄ SOFT SIDED BARREL SHAPED COOLER THAT IS EASY TO CARRY: This soft portable cooler has the ideal shape to carry and the adjustable padded strap fits comfortably around your shoulder. Use as beach cooler bag, beer cooler, large lunch box for men at work or soft side cooler for the boat and don’t worry about the walk from the car park! This soft pack cooler is easy on the hands and shoulders.
  • ❄ DURABLE, VERSATILE AND EASY TO CLEAN: The outside fabric of this Cooler bag is an FDA approved food grade polyurethane wear resistant material. It is puncture and abrasions proof and withstands mould and mildew. The zipper is heavy duty and watertight. You can take this portable cooler camping, boating and fishing: It is up to the task! Soft side coolers like this are also great as insulated lunch bag for men, they are sturdy and easier to take than an ice chest bag.
  • ❄ INTRODUCING THIS HIGH QUALITY COOLER BAG: Same manufacturer as big brands, new model introduced in cooler bags insulated for travel range. With it’s 12 Litre capacity this cooler bag holds up to 20 cans! Or use as 12 can cooler and take some snacks. If you want to keep the contents cold for a very long time, use more ice and less food or drinks.


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