morsel Spork XL – Camping and Backpacking Lunch Gear Accessory – USA Made 5 in 1 Cutlery Set – Spoon, Fork, Knife and Spatula with Rubber Edge

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At Morsel, we believe eating should never be the crux of an adventure. Morsel Spork was painstakingly designed to solve many of the issues with todays plastic reusable sporks, and then do more. Whether you are eating from freeze dried food bags or using the spatula like edge to scrape pancake batter, Morsel will become an essential part of your eating equipment. With extra length you can get all the food into your mouth and not on your hands. The rubber edge helps you clean while you eat, reducing waste, making cleaning easier and using less water. The Morsel Spork is the perfect accessory for your on the go dinnerware set. Take it backpacking, hiking, camping, bike touring, picnic, hunting, and traveling. Easily scrape all types of dishware, cups, tupperware boxes, bowls, plates and any container to get the very last bite. Morsel is a reusable utensil that is an essential part of your adventure. It is a perfect tool for boy scouts, travel, lunch, kitchen, meal prep, campers, rv’s, boat’s and more.

Product Features

  • 5 IN 1 COMBO CUTLERY SET: Morsel is the world’s first part spoon, fork and spatula with a strong knife edge for cutting – resulting in an all-round camping dining tool. The fork as well as the spoon works like conventional cutlery, the spatula helps to enjoy your meal until the very last bite.
  • DESIGNED WITH RUBBER EDGE: Flexible rubber edge helps to scrape your gear completely clean and puts more food in your belly. Thereby it facilitates cleaning and avoids unnecessary waste of water.
  • EXTRA LONG & COMPACT SIZE: Morsel comes in two lengths. XL’s long length is perfect to get deep into food bags and easily scrapes the last bit without getting food all over your hands. The Standard size is the perfect multi utensil tool for having lunch at the office and makes an essential travel accessory. Great for on the go meals, travel, and outdoor adventure.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Through its hardly destructible material our Morsel is designed to last. Therewith it is more versatile in comparison to conventional camping cutlery. No matter how you stow it in your backpack, it won’t break.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE AND BPA FREE: With our Morsel you don’t have to worry about anything. It is not made of materials that are hazardous to health and you can put into the dishwasher without any concerns.


Anonymous says:

My go to spoon/fork After trying many of the long handled spoons/sporks (typical aluminum/titanium versions) on the market, I decided to give this version a go. While the others are all ok, I have decided that I like a regular fork and spoon (I am also not a fan of the texture some of the metal utensils have in the bowl). I purchased both a long and a regular version of this spoon/fork. The long version has found a permanent home in my back pack, while the regular version is my new go to lunch utensil…

Anonymous says:

Great innovation, great customer service. This XL version of the Morsel is perfect for reaching deep into freeze-dried food packets. However, that’s not all it’s good for. At first I thought it would be too long for regular use, but if you’re using the fork and the spoon ends in the same meal, then it’s really not – because you have just enough space to keep your hands clean by holding the utensil in the same place in using both ends. However, there is a smaller version available (7.5″) called the “mini” for those who would like a…

Anonymous says:

Make one for lefties! Another product of the right handed world, where only lefties notice.Used the Morsel Sporks on our Death Valley back country trip last weekend. Great product, but is noticably a right handed tool. The spoon feels very awkward in the mouth when used with the left hand (instantly noticable). Mirror the design and you’ll have a left handed tool. I’ll buy two when you do. I’m sure many others will as well. Mention the left handed option in your marketing, lefties will notice and be…

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