Motorola Talkabout Radio MH230R

November 11, 2019 - Comment
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Radio, mh230r, rechargeable, Mini

Product Features

  • 10-hour alkaline or 8-hour rechargeable battery life
  • 11 weather channels (7 NOAA) with alert features
  • 22 channels each with 121 privacy codes for superior interference protection
  • Pair of two-way radios with up to 23 mile range
  • Includes: 2 radios, 2 belt clips, 1 dual drop-in charger, 1 charging adaptor, 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs, Available in yellow


Anonymous says:

… seem to be rugged enough and the audio is pretty clear. Other than weather channels there really is … These seem to be rugged enough and the audio is pretty clear. Other than weather channels there really is nothing spectacular about this model.Range? Sure as hell not 22 miles. On FRS channel in the clear outdoors with no obstruction got about 3/4 of a mile and that was the end of it.The only disappointment is that the FCC and FTC continue to permit manufacturers to put absurdly ridiculous distance ranges on these radios in their marketing.My application calls for…

Anonymous says:

Very useful once you accept their limitations. We’ve aquired a number of these and other models of Motorola FRS radios over the last 3 years, so we’re pretty familiar with their strengths and weaknesses.All of these Motorola products have the following properties:1. As stated elsewhere, their practical range is about a mile or two under realistic conditions. This is more than sufficient for activities such as camping, skiing, fishing, shopping and beach-going. Even for car-to-car communications during convoy-style…

blank Anonymous says:

Excellent features and amazing range First of all, all the distances advertised on any walkie talkie like this is based on mountain top to mountain top communication, where the valley increases the range, and no obstruction. That is where they based the 35 miles. For city use, in malls, house to house and areas with trees will be between .5 to 1 mile at most. Since I have been using Motorola Walkie talkies all my life so I knew what I was buying.I experimented with 3 different models of Walkie talkies in the mall with…

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