Multitool Pocket 10 in 1 Camping Knife/Folding Knife/Utility Knife/Survival Knife Multi-Functions Knife Kit Knife with Sheath for Outdoors Survival Camping Hiking Hunting

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You Should Know:
1. Before operating this unit, please read user manual and save them for future use.
2. Every tool must be used in full open.
3. Each tool should be used separately. Don’t open several tools at the same time!
4. Please use this product in the right way, if you have any questions, please contact us in time or on a web page to ask questions.
5. Don’t use this product beyond its function scope to avoid any damages to the product.

1. Lift up the handle to open the pliers.
2. Push down the liner lock to unlock the blade.
3. Put the socket head into the holder and then put the different bits into the socket for use.

Different Bits Introduction
Hex-wrench (H-3 H-4 H-5) & Slotted Screwdriver(S,M,L) & Philips Screwdriver(S,M,L)&Socket.

Safe Guidelines:
1.To avoid personal injury, Please use tools according to their design. Improper use will lead to personal injury. 2. When unfolding blades and sharp tools, point them away from you. 3. When cutting or sawing. Direct the blade away from yourself. Keep free hand and loose clothing away from tools and blades in use. 4. keep out of reach of children. 5. Be sure tools are completely store when not in use. Do not leave sharp edges exposed. Store properly to prevent damage or injury.

Product Features

  • Multitool Knife: 10 in 1 excellent multi tool knife, can be used as pliers, knife, can-opener, awl, bottle Opener, slotted screwdriver, serrated blade long nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, saw.
  • Tool for Anything: You never know when you need a screwdriver, pliers, a can opener, or a knife. But the New South multitool knife can solve anything! We highly recommend keeping a 10 in 1 Multitool Pocket Knife in the glove box of your car and one at home.
  • Portable Tool: Stainless steel multitool knife with unique design has many useful features. Come with a durable sheath, you can take it to anywhere.
  • Best Gift for Outdoor Activities: The multitool knife is the best gift for Adventure seekers. If you are looking for a great gift for that special someone in your life that loves to outdoors survival, camping, hiking and hunting.
  • Purchase Guarantee: ‘It’s worth every penny’ is our slogan. Please contact us to return or refund within 30 days if the products get any defects or damages when you receive it, or the goods is damaged or unusable due to quality problems during use.


Anonymous says:

GET IT! Swiss army quality This multi-tool came with absolutely every tool in it. From the very sturdy case that is included to the amazing black finish. It feels like it will be a tool that will last ages. It is not flimsy, but has this rugged quality that I am happy to see and expect a long and very useful life out of this multitool. Don’t hesitate. This is definitely something that you will need.

Anonymous says:

Brilliant Design This thing has some weight to it, in a good way. When I first opened the plier handle, I thought, “what is this??” But, then I realized I had to keep on pulling. I think the pliers work best with the extended handle on my finger tips and the tool in my palm. I haven’t used it for much, but it could be a good car emergency tool since the pliers open wide when fully extended.

blank Anonymous says:

Nice tool, Super sharp, No blade lock while folded I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and it’s a great tool. I’ve used every tool in it and it’s worked great. However, I’m afraid to carry it without the case or use it for any semi-serious work. I say this because the knife is REALLY sharp, but theres no locking mechanism when it’s retracted (that I can find). I’ve nearly sliced my hand when it was in my pocket, and again while using the screwdriver function. While torquing and then shifting my hand, the blade would sometimes flip away…

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