Nakii Long-Lasting Water Filter Pitcher Fast Filtering with Patented ACF Military Technology

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When Looking for a Water Filter that will Quench Your Thirst With Healthy, Pure Water, NAKII is Your Go-To Brand to Choose. Here’s Why…

The first on the USA market using the latest in Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Technology
Third generation adsorption material water purification for the cleanest water possible!
Originally developed for military and medical use, has adsorption at 10-12 times(!) better than other carbon filters available

FSLP- Fully Stable Lifetime PerformanceTM technology in the Nakii filter allows for better adsorption and removal of impurities than other carbon filters

While seemingly somewhat more expensive upfront, each filter will provide you with 150 Gallon of clean and healthy water, (you’d need to buy four of our competitor’s filters to filter that much water!)

Quick Filtering Process: We know how people hate “the wait” of the filter to start releasing it’s precious clear liquid- When you buy the NAKII filter, your water gets filtered purer-and faster-than “that other” filter you used to use! Absolutely the fastest filter in its class!

Manufactured with the highest quality BPA free and FDA approved materials

Simple, mechanical indicator tracks filter use.

Time to ask yourself: Am I ready to take the NAKII challenge? Our satisfied customer’s all agree: the answer is YES!

Product Features

  • YOUR FAMILY DESERVES HEALTHIER WATER! – Our unique water pitcher filter is here to ensure that you and your family enjoy fresh, healthy, and crystal clear water at any time! This elegantly designed pitcher effectively reduces 97% of chlorine, mercury, rust, sediment and suspended particles, eliminating the unpleasant color and odor of your water! Also reduces the hardness and limescale of your water, to ensure your water is healthier and fantastic tasting!
  • WE TAKE YOUR WATER VERY SERIOUSLY – This advanced and reusable water pitcher is designed to be used with the Nakii filter. The Nakii filter uses Japan developed activated carbon fiber (ACF) to adsorb the contaminates in your water. ACF adsorption has been proven to be 10-12 times better than other carbon filters! This means that more contaminates will be eliminated from your water to protect you and your family’s health.
  • SLEEK DESIGN – The modern upscale pitcher design allows the pitcher to be snugly placed on most fridge doors. Our easy-to-fill lid design allow you to re-fill the pitcher with no need to remove the cover! An easy pour spout ensures the perfect pour with no mess-every time!
  • CAPACITY AND LIFESPAN – 1.8 Liters, (7½ cups) of filtered water capacity in every pitcher refill. Each filter cartridge provides you with a whopping 150 Gallons (567 Liters!) of refreshing, filtered water just the way nature intended. This is 300-400% more value per filter than other, standard carbon filters on the market.
  • FRESH CLEAN WATER, FAST- The Nakii promise! Within ONE MINUTE you will have 1.3 Liters of freshly filtered, delicious water-pure and unlike with our competitors’ filters, water with no black specks! We guarantee it!


TJ says:

Way better than Brita or Pur brands! After several years switching between Brita and Pur filters (depending which is cheaper at Walmart), I decided to try something completely different. 

axz says:

Four Stars Good quality.

blank GPN says:

move over, brita… very elegant pitcher! water tastes delicious. much better then the “famous” brita filter both in taste and in what it eliminates!

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