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Let’s reminisce with a bit of nostalgia as we look at the Old Red Lantern by Weather Rite. Modern technology meets the old school looks in this 100 Lumen lantern. With the 15 LED’s in the lantern you can be sure that you will have the enough lighting for any situation. The Old Red Lantern features a dimmable flickering flame that you can adjust the brightness of your light to meet the occasion. Running off of 4 AA batteries you don’t even have to light a match to get this lantern running! With the great looking modern take on an old school lantern you can be sure that you have the light when you need it and as a conversation piece when it is not in use. Specifications: Light output: 100 Lumen High/80 Lumen Low Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)Features a hanging hook for extra utility

Product Features

  • Battery powered: runs on 4 aa batteries (included)
  • Dimmable: uses twist knob to adjust brightness level
  • Long lasting: designed to last 9-80 hours depending on chosen dimming level


Anonymous says:

Like it better than Seasons. The lantern is metal with a glass globe. Finish and function is better than the Seasons lantern in my opinion. The red can be toned down or dirtied up with some spray paint if you’re looking for something a little more rustic. Considering the extra cost of modifying the Seasons lantern with an led flicker bulb since it is way to bright and a bluish led light, I prefer the end result on this one. I recommend frosting and blackening the globs on either lantern for the best effect. I personally…

Anonymous says:

Good rustic-looking, yellow/orange light battery-powered lantern. This is an old-fashioned looking metal rustic lantern that runs on 4 AA batteries that will last (according to the maker) 9-80 hours depending on the knob-adjustable brightness level, which if true seems good to me.The light is bright enough to put into a room and play a boardgame, even if not set to the highest setting, but is not going to be as bright as most white LED electric lanterns or even most traditional incandescent light bulbs. It is more for atmosphere and very soft…

blank Anonymous says:

Most realistic battery powered lamp I’ve ever seen!

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:15 Mins I have all kinds of lamps. This one is by far the coolest and realist one I have ever bought. It’s way worth $20. I bet at stores it would be +$30 and up. It’s so real and the lighting is real. The way the lighting is set up at the buttom and top makes the lighting look so real. I’m buying more for family for Xmas.

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