Neck Head Hammock Cervical Traction Device for Neck Pain Relief and Spinal Decompression – Memory Foam Cushioning with Adjustable Straps, Sleep Mask and Carry Bag – by Purtoca

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Enjoy fast neck tension relief without an office visit

Your head weighs an average of 10-11 lbs, which is a lot of pressure bearing down on your vertebrae and discs. The AEXCare Neck Head Hammock is an easy-to-use spine stretcher that helps pull your head gently away from your spine, enhancing blood circulation and elongating neck muscles for relief from minor headaches and neck pain. Designed for safe, easy use at home, the Neck Head Hammock lets you benefit from back and neck decompression without costly, time-consuming physical therapy appointments.

Your comfort comes first

We constructed this premium neck decompression device using state-of-the-art Memory Foam padding and covered it with soft fabric for a totally rejuvenating experience. With 2 adjustable straps that attach to the hammock with heavy-duty thumb clips, and an elastic bungee cord that supports the weight of your head, the AEXCare Neck Head Hammock exudes comfort from start to finish. To further enhance your experience, we’ve added a soft light-blocking sleep mask so you can slip blissfully into a state of relaxation and recuperation.

Relief from pain and stress anytime, anywhere

The AEXCare Neck Head Hammock comes with complete instructions for installation in seconds from any door knob, door jamb or other fixed point. A drawstring carry pouch lets you take the Neck Head Hammock with you for use at the office and on vacation. To assure you that we are committed to your well-being, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For fast, cost-effective relief from neck pain at home and on the go, add the AEXCare Neck Head Hammock to your cart today.

Product Features

  • RELAX AND DECOMPRESS your neck and spinal column with a neck head hammock by AEXCare. This revolutionary neck traction device relieves pressure on nerve roots and muscles to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain quickly in the privacy of your home.
  • ENJOY GREATER NECK MOBILITY as this neck stretcher pulls the head gently away from the spine to enhance blood flow and ease compression on discs. This promotes flexibility as well as fast headache and stress reduction.
  • MEMORY FOAM PADDING and ultra-soft fabric cradle your head for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Compact and portable in its own carry bag, you can enjoy the recuperative effects of the AEXCare Neck Head Hammock wherever there is a door knob or door jamb.
  • EASY INSTALLATION requires no tools or expertise. The Neck Head Hammock comes with a rugged elastic cord fitted with sturdy thumb clips; 2 adjustable straps with D-rings; a sleeping mask; and complete instructions for affixing your neck head hammock.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED for your peace of mind. Buy with the confidence that if you’re not absolutely delighted with the quality and effectiveness of our cervical neck traction device, we will refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.


Anonymous says:

Decent product, worth the money Inside the box:Memory foam pad, cables, and accessories, Manual, carrying pouch. The yoga mat in the website picture is not included.I like the feel of the foam pad, it’s comfortable. It has a manual to explain how to hook it up and it’s helpful for the first timer. This product fit the website description and is economical. One visit to the doctor will take you more than twice the price of this device. Definitely worth a try.

Anonymous says:

Very Effective! I’ve been using this neck hammock for about a week now, and I’ve noticed an improvement in shoulder, neck, and head pain. Just 10 minutes or so a day. I’m starting off a smaller amount of time, but feel an increase would be the next step. This is a great product and I would definitely recommend.

Anonymous says:

95 yr. old Found Relief! Helps with neck pain and lower back. Easy to use. It is very comfortable if set up properly. My 95-yr. old father said that he felt a lot of neck pain relief.  He just meditates about 15 minutes while in the hammock.  He is approx 2-4″ off of the ground.  Just place the soft part right underneath your neck and relax.  I was worrying about him doing the full 15 minutes.  I thought he should just try half the time, but after 8 minutes he said he felt so good that he wanted to go the full 15…

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