nnk Safety Action Knives Outdoor Knife Tactical Folding Knife (Dual Edge Blade) (Black-3)

January 10, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Badass I’m giving this knife five stars because of the price value. Is a solid double action knife. It has some spring twang to it if anybody else is having issues with that just open it up put a glob of Grease not oil a glob of grease on the middle of the spring close it back up and it won’t have that springy sound. Definitely buy it

Anonymous says:

Discreet protection! Length:: 0:07 Mins I’m a female long distance runner and have had some pretty alarming experiences with strangers while out running. I wanted tO carry something with me for protection “just in case”, but needed it to be compact and lightweight to not affect my performance or running coMfort. This was perfect!The case clips perfectly to my running belt and releases from the case quickly. The slide mechanism is ULTRA fast and the handle fits perfect in the…

Anonymous says:

Great – OTF/EDC!👍 Highly recommend!

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:12 Mins I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this knife!!! I have had it for a little over a month and it is quickly rotating into my edc (every day carry). The blade is EXTREMELY sharp and (thus far) has maintained it’s integrity. Everytime I use it, people take notice and ask me where I got it. I do have to say, that you need to be careful with this blade. The action and deployment is so quick, that if you aren’t careful, it will give you a reminder. 😊

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