Nogent Le Pocket Folding Paring Kitchen Knife, Made in France, Straight Edge, Hardwood Handle, Lime Green, 3.15-Inch Carbon Steel Blade

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Nugent of France 3-inch Straight Edge Chef’s Le Pocket Knife makes everyday food preparation a breeze. From family dinner to parties, holiday meals, picnics, grilling, and outdoor entertaining, this handy little knife is useful anywhere food is being prepped, cooked or served. Perfectly sized with a folding blade, this paring knife peels, cuts, prepares, and slices vegetables and fruits and creates decorative garnishes with ease. Easily peel apples for healthy snacks or potatoes for stews, peel onions, create decorative garnishes, and more. Specially designed in France by knife technologists, it’s beautiful, hand-finished satin blade from thick 2-millimeter high-carbon steel (Z40C13) blade is incomparably sharp and will never rust. Its Rockwell hardness rating of 54-56 HRC offers greater tensile strength and a full tang for added strength and durability during use. The knife blade is ground and honed to a perfect edge along the full length to stay sharp and never dull. Its natural hornbeam hardwood handle is dried for a full year before manufacturing to be warm to hold and easy on the hands. Perfectly balanced for precision handling in the kitchen, the blade folds conveniently inside the handle for safe, compact storage to protect the blade between uses and easy transport. Much like a pocket knife, this small knife is portable and stows away easily for effortless gardening, camping, hiking, boating, fishing and other outdoor activities. If ever necessary, the blade can be sharpened and its joint easily re-tightened with a simple turn of the stainless steel screw. Folds for safe, compact storage. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly before storing.

Product Features

  • Nugent of France Le Pocket Knife with straight blade for peeling, cutting, and slicing fruits and vegetables, and creating decorative garnishes easily
  • Made in France from tempered high carbon steel (Z40C13/54-56 HRC), natural hornbeam hardwood and stainless steel; folds for safe, compact storage
  • Full tang adds strength and durability; hand-finished satin blade stays razor sharp; stows inside handle for safe transport; will not dull or rust
  • Perfectly balanced precision kitchen Utility knife; portable for easy outdoor entertaining, gardening, camping, hiking, boating, Fishing, and more
  • Folds for safe, compact storage and transport; can be sharpened and re-tightened, if Necessary; hand wash in Warm, soapy water; Dry thoroughly


Anonymous says:

Works exceptionally well. Works great on little thin metal tuna cans where nothing else seems to be able to grip the can all the way around. Mastered its usage in just maybe 3 uses. It has a blade that easy enough penetrates the can lid and then the slicing around the can does require a little more twisting effort as compared to the wheel type manual openers.I instantly oiled it with a couple drops of fishing reel oil and will try to keep it oiled and rust free and hopefully it will last longer than the el…

Anonymous says:

Excellent quality AND it fits in my lunch box This opener is worth every penny. I’m always looking for gadgets to make my life easier on a locomotive, especially when it comes to food. This opener not only works better than my home opener (and it’s not a cheap one), it takes up very little space in my lunch box as in fits in the noms and crannies. I thought I would have to resort to the military/camp surplus knife style until I bought this. I do understand that the twisting motion using any manual opener can be difficult for those with…

Anonymous says:

best can opener for resaurant chefs bag! love this can opener! small size. fits in my knife bag! and it crimps the edge so there is no sharp inside edge.really helpful if you work in a kitchen and no one can ever find a can opener. this will open all sizes of cans big and small without wearing out like the more common can openers. this design is made to accommodate all size cans and works too me a minute to get the hang of it but now i love it and so does everyone else i work with. after using mine another chef…

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