Odse 10×10 Feet Rain Fly Hammock Tent Tarp for 2000PU Tear Resistant Grid Waterproof Protection – Large Canopy is Portable and Provides Ideal Shelter for Your Camping Hammock or Tent

August 9, 2019 - Comment
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Enjoy your Outdoor Camping with no Worry!
Are you sick of being wet during your camping?
Or backpacking and caught in the rain and you need a cover?
Does the rain or snow break your cooking?
Or maybe you just need a shade while on beaches?
Tent Tarp will solve your above problems!It can be used as camping rain tarp shelter,backpack tent tarp,sailboat shade tarp,hammock rain fly,shade tarp for beach / park,picnic mat,beach grassland blanket,simple tent etc.

– Ideal for sudden downpours
– Fit perfectly for weekend trip, Long trip Camping
– There are 6 tie points to make multiple config
– Nylon Ropes & Aluminum Pegs
– Designed Stuff Bag for easy carry and accessories
– Rain Tarp is easy to set up, and dry quickly!

Main Material: 210T 2000PU Tear Resistant Grid Waterproof Protection (waterproof and sunshade)
Weight: 700g/1.5lbs
Size: 300 x 300cm/118 x 118inches.

Package Included:
Tent Tarp: 1 pcs
Tent Rhombic Stakes: 6 pcs
3m Rope: 6 pcs
Carry Bag For Tarp: 1 pcs
Carry Bag For Tent Stakes: 1 pcs

Product Features

  • ULTRALIGHT RAIN FLY – This hammock rain fly helps to shield you from the elements on camping and backpacking trips. This tarp cover is lightweight-coming in at just over one pound-and can be easily packed in a backpack, car, or in a plane carry-on bag for longer journeys. The ODSE Rain Fly is a great addition to your hammock gear and is just what you need to hit the road with peace of mind.
  • FOR RAIN OR SHINE – The ODSE Rain Fly is made of 2000PU Tear Resistant Grid Waterproof Protection to not only keep you and your hammock dry during rain , but cool on sunny days, too. It also comes with six metal stakes so you can secure it easily. This rain fly is for the ODSE double parachute hammock and measures 14′ down the middle, and 10′ on the sides, giving you maximum coverage.Warning: Can’t be used in hurricanes, very powerful storms, floods.
  • NO HAMMOCK STAND REQUIRED – This rain shield don’t require a special stand for set up, so it’s perfect for quick, spur-of-the-moment excursions. The ODSE rain fly is great for any setting and can easily be set up no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking for a comfy, shady seat for an afternoon or a dry place to sleep on a camping expedition, the ODSE Rain Fly is the fly for you.
  • GREAT FOR MEN, WOMEN & KIDS – This rain fly features super-strong tension guy lines so they are easily visible in any condition. Additionally, its top-stock polyester fabric won’t rip or tear with regular use and is tougher and stronger than similar nylon flies. Don’t let its toughness fool you, though. These rain flies are simple and easy for everyone to use.
  • SIMPLE SET-UP – The compact size of the ODSE Rain Fly makes it an ideal companion for your double camping hammock. When you’re ready to set up your hammock for camp, simply swing the fly up over the hammock and secure to the same trees or posts as the hammock. Because you don’t have to mess with heavy straps, this convenient no-fuss rain fly is easy to set up and always has you covered.


Anonymous says:

Update: got refund, and emails Original review: I set it up with Hummingbird Hammock tree straps and two carabiners. When I went to stake one of the loose corners to the ground, it ripped at the loop connecting to the carabiner on the left (see pic). I’ll be using the material for something, not sure what. I’d suggest saving your money and getting something with more reviews. And not just Amazon reviews, but YouTube, forums, blogs….yeah.Updated review: I got a refund without even asking. That was good! However,…

Anonymous says:

good this is a good tarp. used it on the AT for a week while hiking and hammock camping. its large and blocks the wind really well if its tight to the hammock. its a little heavy for a back packing trip but since it has multi uses while on the trail ill allow the extra weight. good quality

Anonymous says:

Kept me dry Covers 11’ hammock fine. Had a light rain through the night and stayed bone dry. It was also nice having a dry place to step when getting out of the hammock before putting shoes on. I did change out the ropes with something a little more robust but that was a personal preference .

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