Offidea Professional Woodworking Compass with Wing and Pencil Holder, 12 Inch – Ideal Divider for Carpenter, Drafting, Geometry – Perfect for Drawing or Scribe Large Circle for Any Projects

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OFFIDEA 12″ Locking Wing Divider with pencil holder

Designed to last for a long time – The divider needle point metal tip can be easily re-sharpened.


Product features:

✔ Heavy Duty Carbon steel construction

✔ Scriber with fine point to mark most materials

✔ Includes pencil holder

✔ Marks circles between 1/2″ and 30″ diameter


Ideal for:

✔ Woodworking

✔ Metalworking

✔ Leatherworking

✔ Drawing or scribing any circles and arcs

✔ Measuring diameters


Place your order NOW and start creating perfect projects.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality standards because our customers deserve the very best.

If for any reason this product doesn’t meet your expectations, just send a message and we will be more than happy to send you a replacement or give you full refund.

Product Features

  • WING DIVIDER WITH PENCIL HOLDER – Sturdy all metal made firm joint dividers tool for the professional use.
  • FAST AND DURABLE LOCKING MECHANISM – Lockable wing for repeat measurements or drawing arcs and circles.
  • MAKES STRONG ENGRAVINGS – Scriber makes circles between 1/2″ and 30″ diameter for most of materials.
  • IDEAL FOR – Carpenters, construction, machinist or all kind of working with wood, metal and leather.
  • WE HAVE YOUR BACK. We are committed to giving you a fun and pleasant working time. If you have any problems with our tools or are not satisfied with its operation we will be happy to grant you a full refund or ship you a replacement.


Anonymous says:

Very well built A nice piece of drafting equipment, well built and dependable.

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