Opinel N Degree8 Stainless Steel Animalia Boar Boxed Stainless Steel Knife, 8.5 cm Blade

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The Opinel folding knife was born in the Savoie region of France in 1890 and has become a Universal object due to its wide use and popularity throughout the world. A genuine trigger of memories, it is recognized as one of the best knives in the world. With the same attention to simplicity and reliability, Opinel has designed other ranges of knives and tools for all those who appreciate effective cutting. A simple, robust and faithful tool, this essential little knife has been in the pockets of the greatest artists, adventurers, navigators and Mountaineers including Pablo Picasso, Roger Frison Roche, Alain colas, Eric Tabarly, jean-louis Etienne, Ellen Mac Arthur, Paul Bocuse and many more. A constant landmark, cited in countless books and songs, Opinel has Risen to the status of a timeless cult object, an unavoidable symbol of French culture.

Product Features

  • Made in France
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Made using the highest quality materials


Anonymous says:

Great in every way. My favorite! I’m not a knife enthusiast and was looking for a small, nice-looking (read: non-scary, non-“tactical”) pocket knife. My search will be ending with the Opinel No 6. This is a wonderful product at a wonderful price!I’m a woman and the size of the No 6 is very good. I would actually prefer a little smaller, but the smaller sizes don’t come with a locking ring. The knife is light but sturdy and well-made, and if the stiffness of the opening mechanism isn’t to your satisfaction,…

Anonymous says:

Different but impressive! I have seen a ton of hype about this knife all over the place, so even though I have several other knives and I already have a great EDC (Benchmade Mini Barrage), I decided that I needed to give this guy a try. Anyone can afford to spend $18 on a knife out of curiosity…This knife is a strange thing: it’s not like anything else that I have ever owned. The lock is unconventional, the styling is atypical, the blade Steel (a slightly modified Sandvik12c27) isn’t exactly high end. It is…

Anonymous says:

GAWD … now I have to get more. I just love this pre-turn-of-the-century design. So old-timey! Most Americans are not particularly familiar (I certainly wasn’t) with French-made Opinel knives which, as it turns out, were historically considered a “penny knife” or peasant’s pocket knife. Inexpensive, dutiful, durable, practical, ingenious by design. The blades are fairly thin and the Virobloc blade-locking ring (patented in 1955) is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness. No high-tech, futuristic,…

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