Opinel No6 Bechwood Handle Stainless Steel Folding Locking Pocket Knife, 7 Centimeter Blade

August 9, 2019 - Comment
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In the pocket-friendly No. 6 size, this classic folding knife is a take-everywhere, tackle-anything tool. Tuck it into your basket for a picnic. Keep it in your desk for workday lunches or opening packages. Carve into charcuterie, cheese, or a crisp apple, or whittle a stick for campfire s’mores. Opine knives are designed to stand the test of time; some carry Opine knives handed down from parents and grandparents. Follow a few simple instructions to ensure your knife lasts for years to come. You should… Hand-wash after each use Wipe the blade dry Store in a dry place and keep out of damp conditions Expect the wooden handle to swell or contract slightly with use; wood is a living material that can be affected by humidity and atmospheric conditions. If your blade feels stuck, use the “Opine knock” — rapping the end of the knife on a hard surface — to loosen the blade slightly Grease the metal parts, including the Virobloc locking mechanism, on a regular basis Use a whetstone or other fine-grain natural stone to sharpen your blade. Make sure the blade is dry and clean, and hold the sharpening stone at an approximately 20-degree angle from the blade while sharpening You should NOT… Put your knife in the dishwasher Use bleach or chlorine to clean your knife Leave your knife in wet or damp conditions for extended periods of time Product Specifications: Blade length: 7 cm/2.76 inches Materials: Stainless steel blade, varnished beech wood handle Versatile in its use, classic in its design and construction, the Opine No. 6 has been carried — and appreciated — by generations. A classic pocket knife designed to stand the test of time.

Product Features

  • Made in France
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Made using the highest quality materials


Anonymous says:

It is what it is. . . cheap and light and fills a niche. It is a cheap and light classic knife. I bought a No. 6 for a cheapy hiking knife, and it is good for that purpose, but not a heavy duty blade whatsoever. The blade is very, very thin, and the locking mechanism is not perfect. The blade can still wiggle a bit when “locked.” I have not had it fail ever, but it doesn’t inspire confidence for harder tasks, so I haven’t really tried to do something it might potentially fail at. I have small hands, so the No. 6 worked ok for length, but I…

Anonymous says:

It’s a good $10 knife that costs $15 Often referred to as a peasant knife, it is what it is. As a lifetime user of victorinox swiss army knives I thought it was time to try one of its contemporary competitors (the original victorinox knives and the original opinel knifes were designed and first manufactured within a year or two of each other). The opinel is lightweight with a thin blade. The odd handle flair digs, albeit not painfully, into the heal of my palm. It is not as well made as a vitorinox knife, but you usually will…

Anonymous says:

Great in every way. My favorite! I’m not a knife enthusiast and was looking for a small, nice-looking (read: non-scary, non-“tactical”) pocket knife. My search will be ending with the Opinel No 6. This is a wonderful product at a wonderful price!I’m a woman and the size of the No 6 is very good. I would actually prefer a little smaller, but the smaller sizes don’t come with a locking ring. The knife is light but sturdy and well-made, and if the stiffness of the opening mechanism isn’t to your satisfaction,…

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