Outdoor Paracord!: How to make gear for Pets, Scouts, Military, Hiking, and Camping

January 7, 2020 - Comment
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If you love parachute cord, then you will love OUTDOOR PARACORD! Paracord is a strong, durable, and lightweight cord that is versatile. Its versatility allows it to be used in multiple ways. This book shows you how simple it is to use paracord to make gear for pets, scouts, military, camping and hiking. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast to pet owners. OUTDOOR PARACORD! gives you step-by-step instructions you need to know. Get practical advice on materials and tools to make your OUTDOOR PARACORD! whether you are hiking, camping, a scout troop, or in the military you will find the best DIY paracord project here.


Anonymous says:

Five Stars son loves this and great directions

Anonymous says:

Paracord book Good book with good examples, making the projects easy to do and fun.

blank Anonymous says:

I enjoy hiking and go on many day trips I enjoy hiking and go on many day trips. This book allowed me to make a HUGE survival bracelet that is in this book. I was able to wear nearly 30 feet of paracord on my wrist. I also adapted it to my back pack strap. This book also helped me make a dog collar for my neighbor’s dog when we watch it and take it for walks. I have a few Christmas gift ideas with the multipurpose lanyard too. Well worth the cost!

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