PAINCAKES Mini The Cold Pack That Sticks & Stays in Place- Reusable Cold Therapy Ice Pack Conforms to Body, 1 Set Mini (1 Purple, 1 Blue- 2.88″)

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CHILL, PEEL, STICK! It’s that simple. PAINCAKES cold packs are revolutionary cold therapy devices that keep your “recovery” exactly where you need it, strap-free. Stickable PAINCAKES hover just above the skin surrounding the injured area with cooling waves of relief. Position PAINCAKES on shoulders, back, knees, elbows; anywhere. They STICK & STAY! After use, re-chill & re-stick, over and over. Athlete developed, yet anyone can use them! We’ve made icing convenient, fun & effective. Stick-it & go! Cold therapy has never been easier. Try them! You’ll never use traditional cold packs again.

Product Features

  • CHILL, PEEL, STICK! It’s that simple. PAINCAKES is a revolutionary cold therapy device that keeps your “recovery” exactly where you need it! PAINCAKES sticks & stays without straps, or tape for targeted relief from pain, soreness, and inflammation.
  • MINI PAINCAKES CONFORMS around Fingers, Toes, Heels, Elbows – anywhere! Perfect for smaller areas & hard-to-apply zones. Great for kid’s boo-boos, too. Our proprietary adhesion-GEL allows PAINCAKES to re-stick or re-position up to 100x on CLEAN, DRY skin. Special Latex-free design will not leave residue, pull hair or skin.
  • ATHLETE DESIGNED & APPROVED yet anyone can use them! PAINCAKES makes icing incredibly convenient, ultra-effective and fun! Just Stick-it and go! Slim design lets you wear our stickable cold packs directly under your clothing. PAINCAKES deliver safe pain relief for bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, swelling, bites, aches, muscles, & inflammation.
  • MINI PAINCAKES hover just above the skin to surround the injured area with cooling waves of relief.
  • SAFE-USE Chill for 60 minutes in our re-closeable zipper pouch, always check pack temperature before application. Apply for 1 minute and remove. Remove the cover and press to the affected area. Apply for 1 minute and remove. Slowly increase chill & application times. To remove. Gently peel-off. Replace protective cover over gel and re-charge for your next use. INCLUDES 1 Mini Purple PAINCAKE & 1 Mini Blue PAINCAKE- 2.88″ The Cold Pack That Sticks!


Anonymous says:

Little pillows of awesome. With all of my various old injuries, arthritis, and an active lifestyle, I’m ALWAYS bumped or bruised. I don’t love ice that melts and gets everything wet; but the various imitation ice products out there are a pain to manage (no pun intended).I like Paincakes because they don’t require any harness to keep them attached to my body. They stick right on my skin and stay there. They aren’t so incredibly cold that they are painful or require being wrapped in a towel before being applied…

Anonymous says:

Total life saver! I should ice my knees every day and especially after dancing, but many times I just don’t bother because I don’t want to sit around and balance the ice on my knees. Paincakes have changed that. They make it easy to ice. They stick on and stay so I can move around while I ice. Thank you Paincakes. Great idea!

Anonymous says:

What’s not to like? What’s not to like about these mini cold packs? They are small, stay in place, and reusable. I like that the minis are small so that you can target specific jobs (I like that the company has different sizes as well for different needs!) I like that these stay in place and stick where you put them. I have used mine several times already and they are just as sticky as the first time! Being reusable is another great feature and they are not bulky at all. I keep finding uses for them as well- I…

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